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Bird’s Eye Budapest

Janos Hill, One of the highest points in the Buda hills can be reached by chairlift. Take the 291 bus from Nugyati train station (where you’ll find possibly Europe’s most elegant McDonald’s) to the other end of the line at Zugliget.

On the way up, as the chairlift whisks you over villas and gardens, look over your shoulder to see breathtaking panoramic views over the whole of Budapest.

Once you’re at the top of the chairlift you can head further uphill to the Elizabeth Lookout Tower (Erzsébet Kilátó). Entry to the tower is free, climb the spiral staircase to the very top and if you’re not blown away by the wind, you will be by the view – a 360 degree unrestricted view of the city and surroundings.

Here are a few photos we took there:

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