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New Years Eve in Prague 2010-2011

Looking for info on NYE Parties in Prague for 2011/2012?

UPDATED 20th December – more info added.

If you’re looking for a city to visit and see in the New Year, Prague is definitely deserving of a place on the shortlist.

Where to party

Club, bar or restaurant is your choice here. Many restaurants have special New Year’s Eve menus, often with music and entertainment. One of the biggest restaurant parties is at Hergetova Cihelna, right by Charles Bridge, but the whole Kampa Group of restaurants have something going on. Some bars sell tickets for their New Years parties, so if you find a place you like in the days before NYE, buy tickets. If clubbing is more your thing, there’s plenty of choice, in both location and musical style. Larger venues will often have their own fireworks display too. We’ll be keeping this page updated as and when more venues make their events public.


Most restaurant parties are likely to set you back 2,000Kc plus per person, much more than you’d usually pay for a meal at any of these places. But New Years only comes round once a year (thankfully!). Better deals are to be had outside the very centre.

Ambiente Brasileiro, U Radnice – “Samba Rhythms” 2,495kc per person – something of a premium on the usual all-you-can-eat price of under 600Kc, and the site is short on details of what’s included, as of this writing. Handy for the river (a short walk from the Rudolfinum, where you’ll have a decent view of the midnight fireworks). Don’t try the other branch – it’s closed for a private party.

La Casa Argentina, Dlouha – “Spirit of Latin America”, 1,800Kc or 2150Kc depending on choice of menu. Drinks extra. A short walk from Old Town Square. Live music and dancing, fireworks at midnight.

La Bodeguita Del Medio, Kaprova – “Cuban Style”, 800Kc (Tapas menu), 1,650Kc or 1,800Kc. Drinks extra. LaBdelM is the sister restaurant of La Casa Argentina.

Grosseto Marina, Alsovo Nabrezi – “River Party” is making the most of its floating location right by Manesuv Most (Manes Bridge, one bridge north of Charles Bridge) and the Rudolfinum. The food is an all you can eat buffet and there will be live music. Tickets can be purchased directly from the restaurant for 3,500Kc. The partying continues to 4am.

Kampa Group‘s restaurants in Mala Strana (Hergetova Cihelna, Kampa Park and Cowboys) are all putting on a party, with prices starting from 3,500Kc it’s not for the light of wallet but the views from the restaurants’ terraces for the midnight fireworks are exceptional

Mozaika, Nitranska – is bound to be popular with the locals. It’s a little out of the centre (right near Jiriho z Podebrad metro, 4 stops from Staromestska (near the aforementioned Rudolfinum). Their very reasonably priced New Year’s menu at 549Kc for 3 courses plus 2 amuses bouches looks tremendous and would be a good solution if you prefer to keep your eating low key and party elsewhere, or just follow the eating with watching the fireworks.

Hilton Prague‘s (Pobrezni, near Florenc) restaurants and bars have a variety of party options too.


Papa’s, Bethlemske Namesti – “Hair”, More bar than restaurant, you can go for the open bar only at 1,875Kc including beer, wine, cocktails from the extensive menu and branded spirits, or add food for another 1,000kc. 70s.80s/90s music all night long, a fire show, bottle of bubbly at midnight, and a 5,000Kc gift voucher prize for the best dressed guest (in fancy dress in the style of 70s movie Hair).

Bugsy’s, Parizska – Prague’s pre-eminent cocktail bar can be relied on to mix great drinks. A smallish venue, but handy for Old Town Square.


If you’re more interested than dancing than eating, Prague’s clubs are on hand. From the plush to the down-and-dirty.

Lucerna Music Bar, Vodickova “80s & 90s Video Party”. If it ain’t broke… Lucerna’s 80s and 90s music video nights have been keeping Prague dancing for nearly two decades now. Handily located just off Wenceslas Square. Tickets are 495Kc and can be bought directly at the venue or from the TicketPro or TicketStream websites. If you’re peckish, Hospoda v Lucerne is part of the same complex. Futurum, Lucerna’s sister club over on the other side of the river has a similar night planned, for 200Kc less.

Karlovy Lazne, near Charles Bridge – self-described biggest music club in Central Europe, this old tourist favourite can be relied on for a fun night out. Don’t wear your fancy clothes though.

SaSaZu, Holesovice – “3D Disco SaSaZoo Journey to 2111” – a varied evening in Prague’s shiniest club. Out of the center but not so far that you won’t see the fireworks if you’re outside at midnight. Tickets from 1,299Kc, VIP all inclusive tickets are 5,000Kc. There’s a well-rated restaurant onsite too.

Music Club Ocko, Vysehrad – “Party Ride Live”. More popular with locals, Ocko used to be Club Velvet, then Hany Bany. More of the same really, in this subterranean dance club. DJs and Ibiza dancers are amongst the entertainment provided.

Obcanska Plovarna, a sizeable restaurant & club complex right on the river between Malostranska and Cechuv Most is throwing an 80s and 90s party too. Food is a buffet affair and is included in the 2010Kc ticket price, as is a half-bottle of Czech bubbly.

Retro Music Hall, Namesti Miru – no details as yet, just ‘Resident DJs’ playing. Street level is a restaurant, so your food and dancing needs are all taken care of in one building.

In case there’s any we’ve missed, this TicketStream link should list all the events they’re selling tickets for.

If you want to carry on partying till halfway through New Year’s Day, Studio 54, on Hybernska, just re-opened and a short walk from Namesti Republiky, is your destination.

Night on the town

If you don’t fancy paying to party, Prague’s streets are relatively safe, but take care especially in Wenceslas Square or Charles Bridge – people often bring their own fireworks and bangers and they’re not afraid to let them off right in front of you. Not for the faint of heart. Wrap up warm too! There will be a stage in Old Town Square with shows for children during the day then various acts, including a Beatles revival band and a drag show keeping you entertained till midnight. Expect many of the food and drink stands in the square to stay open late to keep you fed and watered, and warm with mulled wine.

At midnight

You’re going to want to be outside, with a clear view of the skyline for this. If you’re partying somewhere near the river you should be able to see most of the fireworks. One of the best spots is in front of the Rudolfinum concert hall, right by the river, but not too crowded. If you’ve bought tickets for a party remember to get your hand stamped or comply with however it is the venue wants to handle re-entry.

The aftermath

If you celebrate a little too exuberantly you’re probably going to need something solid to eat. Our choice for hangover food is Bohemia Bagel, with three locations in Prague you’re bound to be near one of them.

No fireworks display on the 1st

The City of Prague usually puts on a big Firework display in late afternoon on New Year’s Day, last year it was from a barge floating in the Vltava between Cechuv and Stefanikuv Bridges. this year due to budget constraints (last years cost 1.5 million crowns), sadly there won’t be a display. Here’s a video from 2010’s show.

If you haven’t got accommodation booked yet, there’s still time for us to find you a hotel or apartment in Prague.

Charlie takes care of the marketing side of things at JayWay Travel. A long-term Prague resident, his interests are cooking, eating out, cycling, skiing and travel.

28 Responses to New Years Eve in Prague 2010-2011

  1. Hi there,

    My partner and I are coming to Prague for NY (arriving 31/12 am)…we are not sure what to do that night? He is 33 and I am 23…we want to be warm and not be with a bunch of young crazy people but both like to party and dance. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Sarah,

      We’ll update this post a little closer to New Years with more details of parties as they’re announced, but for now a couple of suggestions. All the dance clubs are putting on big nights, many restaurants too. If you’re looking to push the boat out, Hergetova Cihelna or Cowboys (both part of the Kampa Group) have New Years menus up already. At 3,500Kc (around £120) and 3900Kc (Around £130) per person, excluding drinks, it’s not cheap, but both places usually put on a big night, with DJs and other entertainment in their spacious interiors and the views of the fireworks over the city from the terraces of either restaurant are exceptional.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your help it would be great if you could keep me update on New Year events.
        I am hoping to book accommodation today or tomorrow. Would you reccommend staying right in the centre – walking distance to the Square, Charles bridge etc even if it means it wont be that flash a place or if we book somewhere nicer but a metro ride from these areas?? I am clueless as to how easy public transport will be on NY eve and how handy it is in general?

        We are hoping not to spend too much more than 300 euro for the two nights.

        Thanks a lot

        • Hi Sarah, at this point it would probably be easiest to answer your questions and work out what we can do for you by having a phone conversation. If you’d like to fill in your contact details on the form here https://jaywaytravel.com/contact we will be in touch by phone as soon as possible. Or call our UK number on 020 8133 7150 at your convenience.

  2. Hi,

    We are a group of 10 planning to spend new years eve in prague. Do you have any suggestions on value for money restaurants/choices for that night?
    We think is better to combine food and fun to avoid moving around.
    Waiting for your suggestions.

    • Hi Paola, If Ambiente Brasileiro by Old Town Square is having their usual New Year’s Eve party, that would be a good choice, or Obcanska Plovarna, which is a little out of the centre but combines food and dancing, as does Sasazu. We’ll be updating this post in a few days as announcements are made by the various clubs and restaurants, watch this space!

  3. Hi! I go to Prague for meeting New Year 2011 with my friends=4 person around 27 years from Russian…what is the best places (and cheape) for New Year’s night in Prague?

    • If 80s and 90s music is your thing, then Lucerna Music Bar’s 80s & 90s Video Party is always a good laugh and tickets are just 495kc.

      • Charlie, thanks for the useful information! Can you please tell me how much money will it take to get from Lucerna to Podolska by taxi after the party?

        Kate, it seems that my girlfriend and me are to to take the same choise as you guys do. BTW we’re 24 y o from St.Pete, Russia.

        Happy Upcoming New Year everybody! See you in Prague!

        • Hi Anton, It’s less than 5km, so a cab, providing you don’t get ripped off (see our advice on taxis in Prague for general taxi advice), shouldn’t cost much more than 150Kc, but allow for up to 250Kc for a New Years premium. Taxis may not be easy to get though, and from Lucerna you can just hop on the 52 night tram straight to the Podolska Vodarna tram stop. Night trams run every 30 minutes from just after midnight to around 4:30 or 5:00 (then it’s back to day trams).

  4. Hi Charlie 🙂 My girlfriend & I are traveling over to Prague from Los Angeles for New Years & are at a loss of where to go. We dont want to do anything too crazy but would like to enjoy what Prague has to offer…dinner, cocktails, dancing & of course fireworks. What would you sugguest for two American girls (30’s) to do? I appreciate any suggestions!


    • Hi Ashley, several of the parties listed above would suit. Papa’s if the emphasis is on cocktails and dancing. The Kampa Group parties are usually pretty refined (typically a 30s and 40s crowd) than most of the clubs.

  5. Hi Charlie 🙂

    I`m going to visit Prague for New Year`s Eve party with my friends. We love city at night so can you write down about interesting parties outdoor, for example at Old Square or Vysehrad?. Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Hi Jarek, we’re not aware of anything happening at Vyšehrad on New Years Eve – undoubtedly great views from there, and there are a couple of restaurants in and around, such as Rio’s, which may have a party, or special menu (nothing on their site yet) but the website for the Vyšehrad National Monument doesn’t have any details of any events for midnight. Old Town Square will be full of people though, and various music and drag acts on stage.

  6. Hi Charlie-

    This information you posted is great! It seems like you highly recomment Hergetova Cihelna. Do you know what type of music they play? i’m in a group of 4 people ages 26-27 coming from the US for NYE. Also do you have any reommendations for places that offer Dinner, Dancing, Views of the Fireworks and DRINKS. I know Hergetova Cihelna doesn’t offer drinks in their package. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Tiffani,

      I’m not sure of the kind of music they’ll be playing at Cihelna. Going on past experience, it’ll be pretty mainstream/popular.

      Open bars aren’t so common in Prague (Papa’s is one of the few we’ve found, but you’d need to take a walk to get a view), so you’ll need to factor in the cost of drinks on top. Hilton’s parties do include drinks (including options with unlimited champagne) but tickets aren’t cheap (4,400Kc to 7,900Kc).

      Obcanska Plovarna (just added some details to the article) is another option – right on the river, a midnight fireworks display of their own, with a reasonably priced drinks menu.

      Have a great New Year’s!

  7. Hi Charlie

    Thanks for a great article! We are going to Prague for New Years and are looking for free or low cost entry pubs and bars for drinks. are there any you can recommend in the Old Town Square area? Also is there any kind of entertainment/stage up in Old Town Square on the night?

    Many Thanks Jazz

    • Way too many pubs and bars in the area to go into much more detail than we have here and not all of them make it clear what their plans are for New Years on their web sites. If you find somewhere you like the day before, ask the staff what the place has planned (or look for fliers/signs on tables). There will be a stage in Old Town Square. I just updated the post with some more details about that, thanks for the reminder 🙂

  8. Hey mate, i’d like to come to prague with my girl between 30th-2nd. We are 25 and we like to party a lot. We thought about have NYE in the street and then some clubs/cocktail bars. Can you help us out where to be at midnight in the street and afterwards clubbing? Cheers!

    • One of the best spots to see the fireworks is outside the Rudolfinum concert hall. For clubbing, that’s down to your taste in music- plenty to choose from above. Karlovy Lazne offers plenty of choice over four floors, Sasazu is a bit more upscale (and a bit further from the city centre.)

      • Hi Charlie,
        if it will be interesting for your funs we do have some seats left for NYE at 7th and 8th floor.
        Find a menu on the website, chef is doing fantastic menu and views from roof terrace of Dancing house are just fabulous.
        Happy new year to you.
        Regards, Lubo

    • That’s a tough one, but there are a few others in a similar position, judging by this thread on the Expats.cz discussion board. Other than that, I’m afraid I don’t have many ideas of where would be good solo.

  9. hi, charlie!
    i´d like to know some information about the fireworks. I read that for this year there are no fireworks! is it true? do you know anything about that?
    thank you very much!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! =)))

    • Hi Julia, that had escaped my notice, thanks for pointing it out. Yes, no fireworks this year due to budget cutbacks. I’m pretty sure they could have managed to scrape together 1.5 million crowns (the cost of last year’s display) from some sponsors to put one on again. Make the most of the midnight ones I guess 🙂

  10. Здравствуйте не могу найти прайс на 31.12.2011 в Obcanska Plovarna. Помогите! Заранее спасибо!

    • Most venues have not published details of their New Year parties yet. As soon as a few of them do we will put up a new post here.

      Google Translated (sorry, my Russian is non-existent):
      Большинство мест не опубликовали подробности их встречи Нового года еще. Как только некоторые из них мы не смиримся новый пост здесь.

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