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Coda Restaurant @ Aria - a Lime&Tonic offer

As a long-time fan of Lime&Tonic’s service I thought it was about time we told our blog readers about them, along with some suggestions for  offers are bound to impress. In a nutshell Lime&Tonic Prague (they have a presence in several other cities too, including London and Sydney) is a high-end Groupon or ‘group-buying deals site’, which runs offers on an impressive line up of top Prague restaurants at discounted rates, with a few differences:

1) The offers are available to buy for longer than just a few days – usually several months, great if you can’t make up your mind about something in a flash.

2) The merchants presented are unquestionably the best in their class.

3) A percentage of every purchase goes to a (different for each offer) charity.

4) Unlike some deal sites they don’t charge merchants a cashflow crippling 50% of the offer price to run an offer (so you can rely on the company remaining in business).

Prague’s elite restaurants for very palatable prices

Over the past year or so I’ve enjoyed a number of fantastic meals through Lime&Tonic, and recently they moved up a level in my estimation by adding some experiences that you can’t even buy normally, like Interactive Dining at Mandarin Oriental, for groups of 8+, where the restaurant’s head chef Jiri Stift and his sous chef introduce each dish from the 6 course tasting menu, and the three unique cocktail creations personally.

Highly regarded restaurant Artisan at the foot of Petrin Hill is another place you can get the individual treatment with a custom 4 course menu created for you by the chef, tailored to each diner’s likes and dislikes.

Long-time JayWay favourites La Casa Argentina and Ambiente Pasta Fresca are on the list too, with some more modestly priced 3 course menus and if you’re a brunch fan, you can take your pick from the Mandarin Oriental’s wine brunch (Sat & Sun), the Intercontinental Hotel Prague’s Saturday Brunch in the Zlata Praha restaurant atop the hotel (with great views out over the city) or Mlynec’s Gourmet Sunday Roast – with a killer up-close view of Charles Bridge.

Voucherless for zero awkwardness

If you’ve ever used a site like Groupon before you’ll know that one of the most awkward parts of taking advantage of the deal is the ‘coupon moment’, whether that’s when you make your booking, or arrive for your meal. Lime&Tonic have done away with that with a completely voucher-free system. You buy the deal on the site and you make the booking through their site too, no need to print anything out and hand it over.

Great for groups

With the recently added Events system, you can set up a private event, choose a time and once the restaurant has confirmed availability you can invite everyone in your group to take part. Everyone can pay for themselves (and a plus 1 or more) straight through the site. Possibly the ultimate group night out would be the private cinema and dinner at the Aria hotel – for groups of 8+ you get to pick a flick from the hotel’s extensive collection, dine at the hotel’s renowned Coda restaurant and enjoy a movie night to remember. There are also public events which are a great way to meet some locals with similar tastes to yourself.

Get five bucks as a thank you for signing up

Lime&Tonic have generously decided to give anyone who signs up for their site through any of links to Lime&Tonic Prague from JayWay Travel a 100Kc credit (approximately $5) that you can use towards your first Lime&Tonic experience!

Still too complicated?

For anyone taking a European vacation with JayWay Travel, we can make all the arrangements for you.

Charlie takes care of the marketing side of things at JayWay Travel. A long-term Prague resident, his interests are cooking, eating out, cycling, skiing and travel.

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