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Travel to Slovakia in 2021

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Last updated October 26, 2021

Yes, Slovakia is open to American tourists

Slovakia reopened/is reopening in stages, depending on the traveler’s origin.

Entry Requirements

From June 29th Americans (and other non-EU citizens) already in the Schengen area (all Slovakia’s neighbors are Schengen area countries) are permitted to enter Slovakia providing they can provide proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test taken in the past 72 hours, or a negative antigen test taken in a neigboring country within the past 24 hours – any of these allows you to avoid quarantine. From July 9th it will be possible for US (and all other nationality) tourists to enter Slovakia by air providing they are fully vaccinated. It is necessary to register on the Slovak government’s online passenger locator form.

Antigen or PCR Testing for Returning Home

If you need to get tested for your journey home, whether it is required by the airline or for re-entry into the U.S. we will help you schedule that at the most convenient location possible, at the appropriate time. For re-entry to the US you need to have a negative result from a Covid-19 viral test up to 3 days before departure (not counting the day of departure, so for a flight at 1pm on a Friday, you could board with a negative test that was taken any time on the prior Tuesday or after.) Since May 12 2021, the CDC have approved Antigen tests for travel. Antigen tests are quicker (results in 30 minutes, not 24 hours) and cheaper (around 1/3 the price or less) than PCR tests and often more readily available. If you are flying direct back to the US, the only test you’ll need is an Antigen test. If you are transferring in another country on the way back to the US other requirements may apply. We advise to check with the airline in this case.

General COVID-19 measures to be aware of

Unless otherwise stipulated, a limit of one person per 15 square metres applies to establishments (restaurants and bars, hotels and accommodation, stores, cinemas, fitness and wellness etc.). This limit does not include children up to an age of 10 years accompanied by an adult. If the sales space devoted to customers is smaller than 15 m2, maximum one customer may be present in the establishment.Other restrictions depend on the current “color” of the district visited (Slovakia uses the traffic light system within the country so the rules in Bratislava might be different from the rules in Kosice). More info at: .

  • maintain physical distance (2 meters)
  • maintain hand hygiene and disinfection (we will provide a personal bottle of hand sanitiser to you upon arrival)
  • wearing protective masks is mandatory in all indoor spaces throughout the country (we will provide one disposable mask per day of your vacation)

Curfews and Movement Restrictions

There is no curfew in place.

Restaurants & Cafes

Depending on the traffic light system that indicates which color a region is, the restrictions change. Please ask your local JayWay contact to check the situation when you are traveling.

Please note walk-ins are possible but we advise making reservations due to limited capacities. We are happy to make recommendations and help with reservations.


Some sights are operating with limited capacities and where possible, advance booking is recommended. If there is a sight you are particularly interested in, let your local JayWay contact know and they will check for you.


Shops are operating with limited capacities and it is necessary to wear a mask indoors at all times.

Useful Links

US Embassy in Slovakia’s Covid-19 Info Page (not frequently updated or inconsistent with current measures)
Slovak Government Passenger Locator Form

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