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The 8 Best Croatian Souvenirs

Souvenir Shopping in Croatia: 8 of the best

Packing a fabulous meal or a bit of the turquoise sea into your bag probably won’t fly. But you can bring home something from your Croatian vacation that will remind you of the warmth of the people and the country. Many of these souvenirs are place-dependent, so if something catches your eye, your heart, or your tastebuds while… Continue Reading

Our Top 10 Sights in Croatia

Our Top 10 Sights in Croatia

Croatia’s got so many great things to see that it’s a tough task to pick a top ten and when we discussed our top ten list amongst the team members here everyone had a slightly different list but here’s the result of our narrowing it down to this final list of the JayWay Top 10… Continue Reading

10 European Destinations To Visit In 2014

10 European Destinations To Visit In 2014

We’re a month into 2014 and it’s the perfect time to start planning your vacations. With our map expanding to cover the Baltic region of Europe we now have an even wider range of destinations for our guests to enjoy, in addition to some new places in countries we already serve. THE BALTICS Each of… Continue Reading

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