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Choose Where your Next Meal Is Coming from Visually

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Foodspotting Screengrab

I’ve been using Foodspotting for a little while personally, and it’s an handy tool for picking somewhere to eat, based on photos of the food.

How it works

First install the app on your smartphone, and you can start ‘exploring’ immediately. You can browse through photos of dishes served at restaurants around where you are, or choose a location – handy for researching ahead of time. You can scroll through photos visually or pick from a map, or a list of restaurants.

Be nice, share

if you want to add your own dishes then you need to either create an account, or sign in using Facebook.

Follow me

If you’re looking for inspiration for places to eat in Prague, Budapest and various other JayWay destinations, then why not follow me on Foodspotting?

Charlie takes care of the marketing side of things at JayWay Travel. A long-term Prague resident, his interests are cooking, eating out, cycling, skiing and travel.

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