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Spring festivals in Europe

Spring Festivals in Central and Eastern Europe

Spring is a big deal in Central and Eastern Europe. That’s not only because many of these countries were once pagan, but also because they have to put up with a long, dark winter. So when spring finally comes around, people are ready to celebrate. Most spring festivals in Central … Read More

Visiting Dresden: How to Discover the City’s Local Side

Dresden is one of the most famous cities in Germany. Unfortunately it’s famous in part for being nearly totally destroyed during World War II. Dresden’s Old Town has been marvelously rebuilt and these days you can hardly tell there was any damage done here. When you’re visiting Dresden you’ll definitely … Read More

The Best Places for Photography in Central Europe

Many travelers in Central Europe love taking pictures of all the magnificent architecture. But as anyone who has tried it knows, there’s a big difference between the photographs you see in National Geographic and what you can do by simply pointing, snapping, and hoping for the best. It’s all about the proper … Read More

Dresden's Kunsthof Passage

True Colors: Dresden’s Kunsthof Passage

One of the most interesting places in Dresden has nothing to do with the destruction of the city during World War II, or even with the fantastic history museums and Christmas markets you’ll find here. Instead, Dresden’s Kunsthof Passage is an endearing reminder of the eternal power of art. Are you … Read More

Meissen Germany

A Day Trip to Meissen, Germany

Meissen just might be the best Saxon city you’ve never heard of. A great day trip from Berlin or Dresden, this is scenic little city with a laid-back style.

Museums in Dresden

The Best Museums in Dresden

Despite, or because of, Dresden’s almost complete destruction during World War II, it is a city that takes history seriously. Exploring the squares and strolling along the riverbanks is pleasant enough, and of course Dresden is also famous for its enchanting Christmas markets. But the best museums in Dresden are more than just a diversion, … Read More

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