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Souvenir Shopping in the Baltic States

Buying in the Baltics: Where to Shop and What to Get

Even if you’re traveling on a budget, buying souvenirs is always one of the highlights of going on holiday. We always recommend buying local. Choosing products from local artisans is one sure way to keep an authentic memory of your trip. When you’re traveling in Europe you’re spoiled for choice. The Baltics especially have a fantastic… Continue Reading

A Tale of 2 Beaches: Lithuania’s Nida Beach and Palanga Beach

A Tale of 2 Beaches: Lithuania’s Nida Beach and Palanga Beach

Who doesn’t love a beach holiday? The sun in the sky, the sand on the beach, the relaxing sound of the waves, and a tasty Didžkukuliai in your hand. Wait, what? That’s a Lithuanian beach vacation for you, and it’s more fun than you probably realize. Lithuania’s Nida Beach and Palanga Beach are gorgeous spots that are… Continue Reading

Lithuania Goes Large

Lithuania Goes Large

2014 was our first season arranging travel in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our first few visits to the region since 2011 concentrated on the capital cities: cutesy Tallinn with its cobbled streets, medieval walls and red-roofed old town. Big-city Latvia, a restored old town, art nouveau district and massive airship-hangar market halls.… Continue Reading

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