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Michelin-starred Fingerfood in Salzburg

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Salzburg has a few Michelin-starred restaurants but by far the most innovative has to be Carpe Diem – subtitled ‘Finest Fingerfood’, in Salzburg’s Old Town.

The space itself has very clean lines and attractive functional furniture, with either bar stool and high table seating or regular tables inside and more lounge-like seating available outside. The sharply attired wait-staff fit in perfectly and the whole place buzzes with efficiency.

So what’s this ‘fingerfood’ about?

In the restaurant area upstairs you can order regular served-on-plates food and multi-course meals but the food served in specially created waffle cones are why we were there.

Each cone was priced between €5 and €8, depending on the ingredients. The 5 we tried were:

Beef tartar – great quality beef, well seasoned. So good we ordered a second one. The lower part of the cone was filled with potato puree. Felt like a steal at €5.80.

Tuna sashimi – good but felt overpriced (€7.50) compared to the tartar. I’d skip this and satisfy that sashimi urge elsewhere. Inside the cone was celery root mash.

Scallop – a single beautifully seared scallop. Lovely but again the seafood options are the priciest and at €7.50 you might want to choose something else.

Hamburger – a deconstructed hamburger, with fries. Very tasty mini patties and accoutrements. That €5.80 would go further at McDonalds but it wouldn’t taste as good as this.

Chicken wings – an odd thing to serve in a cone you might think, but these de-boned chicken wings were lovely.

We accompanied our food with some cocktails. The Aperol Spritz, which is taking Europe by storm was very good indeed and so was the house cocktail, the Sunset Carpe Diem.

The cones themselves are hand-made and have flavours matched to each dish, a detail that you don’t really appreciate till you take a bite of all the ingredients together.

The bill for 6 cones, two cocktails and two cappuccinos came to under €60.

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Charlie takes care of the marketing side of things at JayWay Travel. A long-term Prague resident, his interests are cooking, eating out, cycling, skiing and travel.

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