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Prague Public Transport Single Fares Increase

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Prague TramEvery few years on the first of July the Prague Public Transport company put up their prices and single fares, typically used most by visitors to the city, are one area where they go to town with the price rises, much more so than raising the season ticket prices.

When they raise the prices however they do tend to increase the amount of travel time that a ticket gives you.

The two basic tickets are now:

24Kc – 30 minutes
32Kc – 90 minutes

Previously the prices were 18Kc for 20 minutes and 24Kc for 75 minutes.

Tickets can be bought from vending machines at metro stations, some tram and bus stops, staffed ticket windows at metro stations and at most newsagents. At the more remote ends of the public transport system it is possible to buy tickets from the driver, and there is a surcharge of a few crowns per ticket for this.

Ways to save

  • If you’re going to be travelling a lot on public transport during a day, there’s a 24 hour ticket for 110Kc and a 72 hour ticket for 310Kc.
  • If you’re here for more than 5 days, then there’s a ticket that isn’t mentioned much; a 30 day transferable ticket (no photo ID required) that will run you 670Kc. You can buy these only at staffed ticket windows at metro stations.

What if I forget to buy, or stamp, my ticket?

The public transport system in Prague, for now at least, runs on a kind of honour system – there are no barriers or gates, you just stamp your ticket once when you enter the metro station or get on the tram or bus. There are uniformed and plain-clothed ticket inspectors that can issue on-the-spot fines of 700Kc. The inspectors must show you a red-and-gold badge like the one pictured here and an ID card. Inspections are most common on popular tram routes, the 135 bus to and from the airport and the metro interchange stations. If you use public transport for a few days, you’re likely to get inspected at least once.

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Charlie takes care of the marketing side of things at JayWay Travel. A long-term Prague resident, his interests are cooking, eating out, cycling, skiing and travel.

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