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Czech Food Primer

An introduction to Czech food Prague’s status as a cosmopolitan capital city means that there’s plenty of variety when it comes to cuisines but it would be a shame to visit Prague and not try any classic Czech dishes. Here’s our guide to some things you’ll find on the menu … Read More


Prague’s Gone Sushi Mad

It might seem odd to go for for sushi in Prague, the capital of a landlocked country, but that doesn’t stop Prague residents tucking into the stuff in an increasing array of sushi venues. There has been massive growth in the variety of sushi spots in the city over the … Read More

Prague Food Festival

Prague Food Festival, 27th to 29th May

The dates have been announced for the 2011 Prague Food Festival. (Info only in Czech) It’s 27th to 29th of May and it takes place in the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle. I went last year and will be getting my tickets as soon as they go on sale. If … Read More

Ambiente Pasta Fresca

Looking for Advice on where to Eat in Prague?

In all of the destinations we serve we provide our guests with a list of recommended places to dine, but in some cities, especially Prague, we simply can’t try every restaurant, so here are some of the sites and blogs I read to stay up to date on the Prague … Read More

Grosseto Marina

Food with a View in Prague

The all-conquering Grosseto Italian restaurant chain (5 branches and counting) have just opened their latest place, Grosseto Marina, right on the river. Literally – it’s a custom-designed barge that is moored right by the Rudolfinum and has one of the best views of any riverfront restaurant we’ve been to, truly … Read More

9 Must-see Places in Trogir

The small Old Town of Trogir is so rich in history and culture that it is often referred to as a “city museum” so it is easy to see why the entire city was placed in the UNESCO world heritage list. Here’s our choice of the absolute must-see places in … Read More

Our 8 Favorite Restaurants in Hvar

This is our choice of 8 restaurants in Hvar. 1.MARINERO,Majerovica 12 Situated in a quiet alley, Marinero serves up simple and fresh seafood dishes at good prices. 2.LUNA, Petra Hektorovica With a great choice of seafood dishes as well as meat, Luna’s colorful decor and rooftop terrace will lift the … Read More

Our 9 Favorite Restaurants in Dubrovnik

We are often asked by guests to make recommendations on where to eat. Guide books can be useful but often the author of the guide hasn’t spent as long living in a destination as the JayWay Travel destination experts have. This, the first in a series of ‘favorites posts, shares … Read More

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