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Vacationing in Europe in 2012 much better value than last year

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The financial woes suffered by the Eurozone countries have caused it to slide against the dollar by over 13% compared to this time last year. This means your dollars go a fair bit further now than they would in 2011, just take a look at this chart from Yahoo Finance:

Euro to Dollar June 2012

Whilst several of the countries we cover don’t use the Euro (or at least not as their official currency) and a few aren’t even in the EU yet, that doesn’t mean their currencies have fared much better. Because of the close trading relationships countries like Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland have with their Eurozone neighbors, the Kuna, Czech Crown, Forint and Zloty have all suffered similar and in some cases even more dramatic declines against the dollar.

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A native of New York, Jay has lived, studied and worked in Europe for more than six years traveling extensively throughout the region. His broad experiences range from budget to first class allowing him to understand and appreciate travel needs of clients.

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