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  | Georgia

Georgia's Wine Capital


Make Telavi the first stop on your trip.

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Telavi is the wine capital of Georgia, a city where you can really enjoy the fruit of the vine. There are hundreds of grape varietals originating here. Accordingly, you’ll find plenty of cozy wineries where you’ll feel like an honored guest. A small, walkable town, Telavi has a condensed center highlighted by a palace. It’s very pleasant here, but more of a place to stay for an overnight than a destination for an extended visit.

Telavi is the perfect place to enjoy some laid-back and charming countryside living. Rolling hills and vineyards surround the city. The landscape is beautiful, dotted with picturesque monasteries and farms. They provide the city with some of the tastiest and freshest food in Georgia. And settlement in Telavi goes back to the Bronze Age. There’s much more than landscape to explore here. There are several beautiful churches and fortresses alongside cobblestone streets, colorful houses and old walls to climb to enjoy fantastic views from ancient towers.

Visiting Telavi will be the perfect time out during your travels through Georgia.

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