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Petra Mišić

Trip Planner

Born and raised in Dubrovnik, Petra studied French literature and language, as well as sociology, in Zadar and Zagreb. However, Petra started working in tourism even earlier, in hotels, museums, restaurants, and even Lausanne’s cultural center, in Switzerland. Before coming to us, Petra already had five years of experience organizing events in Croatia and working at tourism conferences internationally. Specializing in Croatia and its neighbors, Petra has been a great fit, using her wide-ranging knowledge, experience, and contacts to make each individual trip unforgettable.

What's the best place you've ever visited and why?

The best place was Sicily! Because it offers great weather, amazing cultural experiences, friendly people, and loads of history, together with amazing gastronomy. Most importantly, it leaves an impression and you always want to go back to experience it all over again.

What do you consider your best finds from your travels?

The island of Vis! It’s unexpected and different and you will want to go back.

Best advice for travelers to Europe?

Come with a good mood and open mind, and there is no destination you won’t like. Europe is compact, so it’s easy to get from one place to another. You can easily combine both city and nature in one trip. It’s full of history and culture but at the same time it offers leisurely places and exotic experiences. Choose what you want to do, or mix it all up and create a journey you won't ever forget!

What were your reasons for choosing to work in travel? And what value do you see in it?

The first reason was living in a destination that is so historical and beautiful. Such a place always motivates me and it is easy to talk about it and motivate others because I love it.

The value is getting to know new people on a daily basis and always finding new ways of transmitting local experiences and knowledge, as well as getting feedback from a whole different angle and point of view. It also gives you a better insight into your own culture and people. And of course making loads of friends from different parts of the globe is great!

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