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Memento Park, Budapest

memento park budapest

Many of the visitor’s guides and magazines for Budapest carry advertising for Memento Park, a collection of Communist era statues, plaques and reliefs. Like many former Communist countries the statues to the great and good of the fallen regime were toppled or dismantled shortly after the respective revolutions. Much of Budapest and Hungary’s Communist statuary was collected in Memento Park, a project by architect Ákos Eleőd to curate these monuments to the past.

If you’re in Budapest for more than a couple of days, and have a particular interest in the Communist era, you might want to add it to your to-do list. If not, don’t feel bad about missing it. In case you were curious about what’s to see, we snapped these pics of all the statues they had, among the big names like Marx and Lenin you’ll find socialist-realist themes and busts of Hungary’s Communist era leaders.

Getting there

You have two options – public transport, which will cost you one transfer ticket, or is covered by a one-day or more pass or Budapest card, or take Memento Park’s direct bus service from Deák tér, but the round trip will add 3400 HUF ($13) to the cost of your visit for a total of 4900 HUF instead of the regular 1500 HUF ($6.00) entrance fee.

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