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The JayWay Travel Team during our End of Season Team Meeting in Seville, November 2023

About JayWay Travel

JayWay was founded in 2006 but our founder, Jay Ternavan, already had been planning trips to Europe for friends and family for years before then. While living and working throughout Europe, Jay would craft and lead several trips-of-a-lifetime with his loved ones from the US every year. One of these trips was to provide the spark of inspiration for Jay to quit his day job and set up a new kind of travel company.

Semi-independent travel

Our trips provide the perfect balance of freedom and organization. On an impersonal group bus tour or cruise, every moment is strictly scheduled and you are at the mercy of the program. Planning a whole trip yourself can take days and leaves you alone to deal with the inevitable risks and disappointments, figuring things out as you go along. We offer something in the middle by working with you to craft your itinerary then taking care of all the planning and arrangements in advance while giving you the assistance, flexibility, and freedom to explore your passions.

The personal touch

The trips Jay arranged before JayWay launched formed the blueprint for how we operate to this day. Because our very first travelers were friends and family, we still take care of our guests the same way today. Our services are tried and tested by choosing and inspecting accommodations personally, taking the tours, establishing relationships with guides and drivers, trying out the routes, and dining at local restaurants. Only then are we happy to put our name to a trip.

The best of both worlds

Although we're headquartered in New York, we combine the expertise of our American travel advisors with the peace of mind and detailed knowledge of our own European local contacts throughout our destinations. Our guests can talk over their travel plans with someone who understands their needs and their trip is planned and delivered by locals. With representation in Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb, Rome, Venice, Prague, Belgrade, Budapest, Berlin, Krakow, Bucharest, Tallinn, Tbilisi, Tirana, Kyiv, Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris our dedicated local contacts are on hand to make sure your vacation feels more like a magic carpet ride.

Experience matters

All of our travel advisors have lived or traveled extensively throughout our destinations, and undertake extensive research trips before they can talk about a destination. Even though during your trip your local contact will be based in one of the countries you're visiting, it's important to us that our travel advisors are familiar with the places you'll see.

Feel like a local

Travel with JayWay isn't just about seeing the tourist highlights. Our local contacts will welcome you and share their knowledge, giving you the inside track on what they love about their city. They'll provide personalized suggestions on how and where to get off the beaten path. You'll depart with a deeper understanding and connection to each place you experience.

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