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Popular Montenegro Vacation Itineraries

Our suggested itineraries in Montenegro and neighboring countries allow you to enjoy a multi-destination tour with ease. Our comprehensive tailored trip packages make traveling throughout the Adriatic and Balkan region hassle-free. We've got Montenegro vacation ideas that allow you to combine time on the coast with some exploration of the country's vast Durmitor National Park and the Tara River canyon. If multi-country trips are more your style, then you will find that Montenegro combines neatly with neighbors Croatia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia. You can get a rough idea of the price for each of these itineraries by using the Price Guide function.

* Starting price is based on double occupancy in 3 star accommodation, in the most affordable month an itinerary is offered. Airfare to Europe is not included.

Click on your choice of itinerary, select number of travelers in your party, month of travel, and desired star level of accommodation to get an approximate price. Submit the enquiry form with any additional details and we can start planning your customized trip.

Where to go in Montenegro

Montenegro Custom Tour Packages

As you might guess from the name, Montenegro is a mountainous place. With just 100km of coastline, this tiny country packs a lot in. From Adriatic beaches to historic sights, visiting Montenegro is always exciting. There's something here for every kind of vacation.

Mountains, rivers, and a breathtaking coastline

If that's got you packing your bags in anticipation already, we're not surprised. Our choice of overnight destination in Montenegro is Kotor, located in Europe's southernmost fjord. Breathtaking views reward a 45-minute climb up to Kotor Fortress. When you get back to the well-preserved town below, a feast of grilled squid and delicious local wine awaits you. In the bay of Kotor itself, the smaller town of Perast is worth a visit. If you head inland you'll find mountains and forests to explore in Durmitor National Park and we've chosen Zabljak as the base there. To get another take on Montenegro's stunning coastline you could also opt to stay in Budva, a town with the nickname Montenegrin Miami, though there has been a settlement there for over 2.500 years. Budva's old town architecture and layout is a leftover from the relatively more recent days of the Republic of Venice.

An affordable vacation

Although not a member of the EU yet, Montenegro is on the Euro. That doesn't necessarily mean high prices, and you'll find Montenegro is a good value for money. A trip to Montenegro is affordable even when compared to other Adriatic destinations. What to do here besides see the sights? You can expect delicious seafood, great beaches, and plenty of Montenegrin charm. The locals are friendly and welcoming, in Kotor and throughout the country.

Your Montenegrin travel experts

There is a wide range of accommodation in Montenegro. Our local guides will be on-hand to assist all vacationers. Wherever you want to travel in Montenegro, we can make it happen. Visit Kotor, Budva, Perast, Sveti Stefan, or all four. Contact us for a free travel consultation. We'll start planning the perfect Montenegrin vacation, just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Montenegro

When is the best time to visit Montenegro?
We recommend visiting Montenegro, especially the coast, from late April to early June, and from mid-September to late October. The Montenegrin coast is generally warm, sunny, and dry. Many hotels and other businesses focusing on tourism along the coast shut down by the end of October. July and August are hot, with temperatures often in the 90s, especially in Podgorica. All the same, mid to late summer is the busiest time, as sunny beaches attract crowds of Europeans. Winters are fairly wet, especially up in the mountains. Late in fall, the north wind starts to blow, which often brings short but powerful storms, explaining the rain shutters that are so common everywhere.
Is Montenegro safe?
Montenegro is generally a safe place, although you should keep an eye out for pickpockets in crowded, touristy areas. If using a rental car, be sure not to leave any valuables in sight, and try to park in a hotel or public garage, instead of on the street. Be careful when crossing the street, as Montenegrins often drive recklessly fast.
What is Montenegrin cuisine like?

The food you’ll find in Montenegro depends on where you are, with grilled or baked fish and other seafood being important along the coast, and dairy very common inland. Polenta and various soups are also a part of many meals.

Montenegrins love their strong coffee, thanks in part to their time under both Turkish and Austrian rulers. Locals also like their beer strong (we recommend the Niksic brand). Montenegro distinguishes itself for its wine, though, especially the dry red Vranac and dry white Krstac. Brandy is also popular, whether made from plums, apples, or grapes. The local tap water is safe to drink.

What is transportation like in Montenegro?
Montenegro’s train system is slowly modernizing, but while cheap, only covers a few towns, which are rarely visited by tourists. Buses are a common and cheap way to get around the country. As Montenegro's highways are not up to European standards, generally being two-lanes only, especially in mountainous areas, we recommend traveling by private transfer. Montenegro's drivers also have a very poor reputation for safety.
How can I get local currency?
We recommend taking out euros at bank ATMs.
What options does Montenegro have for those with dietary restrictions?
Montenegro has increasingly more eateries providing options for people with dietary restrictions, and many restaurants offer gluten-free dishes, as well as vegan/vegetarian meals.
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