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Popular Lithuania Vacation Itineraries

Our suggested itineraries in Lithuania and neighboring countries allow you to enjoy a multi-destination tour with ease. Our comprehensive tailored trip packages make traveling in the Baltic region hassle-free. We've got Lithuania vacation ideas that allow you to combine the capital Vilnius with second city Kaunas and some time in Klaipeda, the perfect place from which to explore Lithuania's Baltic coast. If multi-country trips are more your style, then consider some of our suggested itineraries that combine Lithuania with Estonia and Latvia or even Finland and Poland.

Where to go in Lithuania

Lithuania Custom Tour Packages

Back on the map since 1990, Lithuania still flies under the radar of most travelers. That might be why we like it. Unlike its Baltic neighbors with their coastal capitals, Lithuania relies on the charms of lovely Vilnius. Relatively small, Lithuania has a population of three million, with half a million living in Vilnius. Lithuania is a quaint, quirky, inviting destination for travel. With its northern latitude, Lithuania is best visited from late April to late-September. The mild summers are comfortable for travelers from colder climates. But visiting Lithuania is fun any time.

Top Lithuania vacation destinations

In Vilnius you'll find Europe's largest Baroque Old Town. It's on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You should also visit sights like the Hill of Crosses and Trakai Castle. Venturing westwards from the capital you will reach first Kaunas. Known as a city of museums, and the center of the country's beloved basketball scene, it has a compact but lively Old Town. Go all the way to the coast and you'll reach Klaipeda, the country's main port. It's an ideal starting point for exploring the UNESCO-listed Curonian Spit. These are a few of the options for traveling in Lithuania.

Visit neighboring countries

Lithuania joined the EU in 2004. It is a member of the Schengen Area. That means entry by road from Estonia, Latvia, or Poland is simple. In 2015 Lithuania adopted the Euro. This simplifies travel between Lithuania and its Baltic neighbors. We can create an itinerary for you that combines Lithuania with any or all of them.

Lithuanian vacation packages

Our comprehensive vacation packages make traveling in Lithuania easy. Accommodation in Lithuania is comfortable and affordable. Getting between cities is easy with private transfers, which are also the least complicated way to get to rural sights such as the Hill of Crosses. Our local guides will be on-hand to assist all vacationers. Wherever you want to travel in Lithuania, we can make it happen. Visit Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, or all of them. Contact us for a free travel consultation and we'll start planning the perfect Lithuanian vacation, just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Lithuania

When is the best time to visit Lithuania?
We recommend seeing Lithuania anytime between late spring and early fall, preferably between late April and late September. Lithuanian summers are fairly mild, although temperatures can get into the 80s during occasional heat waves.
Is Lithuania safe?
Lithuania is very safe, although drivers can be reckless. As with most places, be alert for pickpockets in crowded, touristy areas.
What is Lithuanian cuisine like?

Lithuanian cuisine is similar to that of its neighbors, with a focus on pork, fish, vegetables, barley, berries, mushrooms, and dairy. Pickled vegetables are common, and soups are very popular, especially Saltibarsciai, a cold, sour beet soup popular in summer. Lithuania does feature some unusual dishes such as Sakotis, a large cake shaped like a Christmas tree, and Kibinai, a small pie typically filled with lamb and onion, introduced by Karaite Jews from Crimea (and a must-eat in Trakai). One of the symbols of Lithuanian cuisine is the Cepelinai (“Zeppelin,”) a giant blimp-shaped potato dumpling stuffed with meat or cheese, and garnished with fried onion and/or sour cream. Although Lithuanian food may seem heavy, the locals themselves have very low obesity rates, so they must be doing something right!

Beer is big in Lithuania, which is seeing a resurgence in local microbrews. Even a small kiosk will often have over 50 different cheap and tasty local beer brands. As in Estonia and Latvia, Gira (kvass), the non-alcoholic drink made from fermented bread, is popular, and sometimes flavored with fruit, berries, or birch sap. Lithuania has its own strong herbal varieties, sometimes produced with several dozen herbs. Entirely pumped from aquifers, Lithuania's tap water is among the cleanest in Europe, and safe to drink, although it doesn't taste as pleasant along the coast.

What is transportation like in Lithuania?
There is generally little need for tourists to take public transport in Lithuanian cities and towns. Intercity trains are generally modern and reliable, other other train lines are generally much older and slower. Intercity buses can run the gamut, but we work only with bus lines that use modern vehicles, and provide attendants, refreshments, wifi, and impressive video libraries. We recommend traveling via private transfers, which let you make stops between destinations (which is the only way to visit the Hill of Crosses).
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