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Popular Albania Vacation Itineraries

There's more than enough to see in Albania to justify spending your whole trip in the country and we've got Albania vacation ideas for you to do just that. We've also got some suggestions for trips that combine Albania with other countries in the Balkans. Each of these itineraries is totally customizable to your dates and interests, but to get a rough idea of the price, on each itinerary you'll find a Price Guide function. Enter your month of travel, preferred star category of hotel and the number of travelers and you'll get an approximate price.

Albania Custom Tour Packages

"Untouched" is the word that comes to mind when thinking about Albania. In fact, the country doesn’t even have a McDonald’s (though the Colonel and the King have recently opened up). Albania may not be famous, but it is welcoming, intriguing, and safe. It is also very affordable compared to Western Europe. This is why this oft-overlooked Balkan country is an inviting destination for travelers looking for a unique holiday. Visitors to Albania always leave feeling nostalgic. Albania's reputation stems from its former dictatorship but the country is moving toward greater integration with the rest of Europe. For half of the 20th century, Albania was under the rule of the dictator Enver Hoxha. His paranoia kept the country isolated from most other countries in Europe. As a result, Albania was off-limits for casual tourists. Now is the perfect time to take a trip to Albania and the welcomes are as warm as they come. This hidden gem won't stay that way forever!

Albania's Best Destinations

Let us show you the highlights of Albania. Tirana, the capital city of Albania, is a vibrant and unique city. Picked as one of the ten best destinations in 2018 by Lonely Planer readers, Tirana stands on the brink of a tourist boom, so now is the perfect time to visit before the crowds arrive. You’ll find a variety of cultural influences. There are Mediterranean and Ottoman notes in both the architecture and the cuisine. Just outside the city, Mt. Dajti is perfect for hiking. You'll be treated to breathtaking views of Tirana and the surrounding countryside. Beneath the mountain, former dictator Enver Hoxha's nuclear fallout shelter now houses a museum and art gallery. Beyond the capital, plenty more surprises await you, from historical sites to outstanding natural beauty.

A country of diverse landscapes

Albania has something for everyone. Choose from inviting cities, beautiful mountains, and pristine coastline. Travelers in Albania will love visiting the stunning beaches of the Albanian Riviera on the Ionian Sea coast. They are the perfect place to unwind. From there take a day tour to the impressive UNESCO-listed Butrint National Park, an ancient Greek settlement nearby. Corfu, Greece is also easily reached by ferry. In the southern region of Albania, you can explore the beautiful city of Gjirokastra. It boasts an Old Town featuring plenty of the local limestone. Since the prices are low, you can enjoy a level of comfort that might not be available in western Europe.

We took a group of five bloggers to Albania in 2016 as part of the JayWayBalkans Press trip. They loved their working holiday in Albania!

Food that will wow you

There's something about the produce in Albania, it'll take you back to childhood memories of how you remember fruits and vegetables tasting. That flavor explosion is backed up by a rich selection of locally sourced fish, seafood, and meat that'll have you singing the praises of Albania's food & wine to your friends when you get home.

Visit a neighboring country

If you want to see more than one country when you're in the region you've got plenty of choices. We often combine Albania with neighboring Macedonia or Kosovo. You could also see Montenegro and Croatia on the same trip. If you're happy to take an overnight ferry you could also spend some time in Italy's Puglia.

Get your customized Albania Trip Plan

Public transport in Albania is basic and not always reliable, but the cost of a private driver is more than reasonable, so you’ll travel in style. Traveling in Albania may be different from what you are used to, but it is thrilling and a private tour of Albania means you can explore at your own pace. Our local guides will be on-hand to assist all vacationers. Wherever you want to go on your Albania tour, we can make it happen. Visit Gjirokastra, the Albanian Riviera, Tirana, or a combination of all three. Contact us for a free trip consultation. We'll start planning the perfect Albanian vacation, just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Albania

When is the best time to visit Albania?
Due to its mountains, the weather within Albania can vary. Tirana is one of the sunniest cities in Europe, but has very wet winters, especially in November and December. The coast is likewise very sunny, and dry in the summer. Highs in the upper 80s are common in summer, so unless you're looking to spend a lot of time on the beach we recommend visiting from the beginning of May to early July, or from the beginning of September to late October.
How much will an Albania private tour cost?
All our tours are customized to your dates tastes and preferences but you can get a rough idea of the cost of a private tour of Albania by using the Price Guide function on our suggested itineraries shown on this page. Choose which class of hotel you prefer, the size of your party and the month you wish to travel in and an estimated price will be generated for you.

To get a more accurate price, submit your details and after a brief phone consultation our expert travel advisors and trip planners will create a custom Albania vacation package for you, with accommodation options and excursions tailored to your budget and interests.
Is Albania safe?
Albania is considered a safe country to travel to. In fact, according to various measures of global safety, the country ranks as safer than the US. In 2019's Global Peace Index Albania ranked 51st most peaceful out of all 163 countries in the world (the US ranked 128th). Albania's negative reputation is largely undeserved and owes more to the minority criminal element among its diaspora than to the people of Albania itself. Albanians are huge fans of the US so you'll find local people are typically very keen to greet American visitors because of the support the US gave to Kosovo.

Caution is advised when crossing the street due to occasionally reckless drivers and driving standards, in general, aren't great. For this reason, we don't recommend renting a car. People in the countryside can be more conservative, so less revealing clothing is recommended outside of cities and towns.
What is Albanian cuisine like?

The country combines Italian and Balkan influences. The coast has excellent fresh seafood at good prices, while the cuisine inland is focused on grilled meat and vegetables like peppers, zucchini, and eggplant. Stuffed peppers and a salty white cheese akin to feta are common. Although Burek is common throughout the Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Albanians take this pastry seriously. Their "Byrek" is a baked pastry made with phyllo dough, often filled with a combination of salted curd cheese, meat, onions, spinach, and eggs. Lakror is similar, but generally filled with greens, although it may even feature pumpkin or nettles.

Tap water is not recommended, but there are plenty of good alternatives, especially Skenderbeu Cognac, which is aged in oak and made from various plants and fruits. Albania has good, inexpensive wines, and a shot of Rakia (a strong plum or grape brandy) is a popular digestif.

What is public transportation like in Albania?
Although a priority of the government, Albania's public transportation remains underdeveloped. While Albania has modern new highways, its drivers have a reckless reputation. Albania has no rail links to its neighbors, and its trains are slow and unreliable. Tirana now has a basic main bus station, and is working on banning the informal minibuses, referred to as a "furgon," that are the most common way of getting around. Fortunately, private transfers are inexpensive and this is our preferred means of transport for our Albania travel packages. From Sarande in southern Albania there are ferries to the Greek island of Corfu.
Can I day trip to Albania from Corfu?
The ferry from Corfu to Sarande in Albania take around an hour, though check-in and immigration formalities make things a little more tedious. Day trips from Corfu to see the ruins at Butrint a short drive from Sarande are certainly an option but there's so much more to see in Albania that we think it would be a shame to limit yourself to just a few hours.
Can I pay by card in Albania?
Most places don't take cards, so we recommend having local cash on you. We recommend using bank ATMs, but can recommend currency exchange places, as can hotel staff.
What are typical opening hours in Albania?
Attractions, galleries, and museums tend to open at 10 AM on weekdays and 9 AM on Sundays. Museums are usually closed Mondays. Shops tend to be open from 9-10 AM to 7-10 PM, although Tirana has some grocery stores open 24/7.
What options does Albania have for people with dietary restrictions?
Albania doesn't have many restaurants focused on vegetarians or vegans, but the cuisine is rich in fresh vegetables, and all restaurants are vegetarian friendly. Typical vegetarian dishes include stuffed eggplants, Qifqi (rice ball with eggs), Pllaqi (fava beans in tomato sauce), Fergese (feta and red peppers, tomato, butter, onion, salt and pepper, olive oil, chili flakes, and basil), Turli (a vegetable stew), Pastico (a quiche made with milk, butter, feta, and cooked spaghetti), byrek (a crispy flaky pastry stuffed with ingredients that can include spinach, onion, tomatoes, beans, and pumpkins), and Tarator (yoghurt, garlic, thyme and vinegar). We can recommend vegetarian restaurants, especially in Tirana.
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