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Poland offers many destinations to delight those traveling in Central Europe. Some love the hustle and bustle of Warsaw, the modern-day capital. Others prefer the splendor of Krakow, the old royal capital of Poland. The Baltic sea port city of Gdansk will impress too. Wroclaw enjoyed a year in the spotlight as European Capital of Culture in 2016. Historic Poznan and Zakopane in the Polish Tatras are other great destinations.

Poland is perfect for history buffs

Those interested in WWII or Jewish heritage will have plenty to see in Poland. Battles between Germany and Russia are visible in many monuments. You'll find these throughout Warsaw, Krakow and other Polish cities. Since the fall of Communism the government has rebuilt many historic city centers, like Warsaw's Old Town.

Visit Poland combined with neighboring countries

Poland joined the EU in 2004. The most obvious change was in late 2007 when Poland joined the Schengen Area. That means smooth travel to the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany and Slovakia. In that way, Poland can be a gateway for traveling in Central Europe. The Polish economy hasn't switched to the Euro though. Your visit to Poland will be cheaper than European travel in countries further west. Poland is also often combined with some time in Ukraine.

Poland vacation packages

We provide Poland travel services to all of the destinations below. Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw are very popular destinations for holidays in Poland. We have destinations throughout Central and Eastern Europe as well. Our clients come from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and Europe. Contact us for a free travel consultation. Or request a call back at your convenience. We will prepare a Poland vacation package and schedule tailored to you.


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"I would describe working with Jayway as a reliable, trustworthy and intelligent way to travel. This was one of our best travel experiences ever. Everything worked seamlessly. Great staff and all of our expectations were met and exceeded. Prague, Vienna, and Budapest are also awesome cities to visit."

Cynthia, Keith, Lauren & Jonathan

Cynthia, Keith, Lauren & Jonathan

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They made it easy to have a wonderful and memorable trip that reflected our own choices. And it was well worth the money!

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Lynn, Susan, Mike


Popular Tour Itineraries Featuring Poland

Our suggested itineraries in Poland and neighboring countries allow you to enjoy a multi-destination tour with ease. Our Poland vacation packages make traveling in Central & Eastern Europe hassle-free. We take care of getting you from place to place, accommodation, excursions and activities.

Just Poland

Poland in 10 Days: Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk

This 10 day itinerary focuses on three very different Polish cities. You'll begin in Krakow, a city with a lot of history, a beautiful old town and one-time capital of Poland. Next up is the present-day capital Warsaw, rebuilt since then destruction of WWII. You'll finish up in Gdansk, a Teutonic merchant city on the Baltic sea. read full itinerary

Two Week Poland Grand Tour

Two week tour with overnight stays in Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Warsaw and Gdansk. See all the highlights of Poland at your own pace on this Poland Grand Tour. read full itinerary

Poland and neighboring countries

10 Days Central European Cities Tour: Prague, Krakow & Budapest

If you would prefer to stick to cities in the former Eastern Bloc countries, this itinerary substitutes Krakow in place of Vienna. Known as Poland's cultural and historic capital, Krakow offers a unique atmosphere. This route is popular with guests of Jewish heritage but it truly offers something for all tastes. read full itinerary

10 Days in Krakow, Warsaw & Vilnius

This ten day itinerary features overnight stays in Krakow, Warsaw and Vilnius. All three cities have a significant Jewish heritage to be explored, as well as a wealth of other historical and cultural aspects. read full itinerary

The Best of Budapest, Krakow & Warsaw in 10 Days

This 10 day Budapest, Krakow and Warsaw private tour itinerary will show you three very different cities that all enjoy places on UNESCO's World Heritage List. From buzzing Budapest to historic Krakow to rejuvenated Warsaw, this Central Europe vacation is packed with variety. read full itinerary

12 Days Central European Cities Tour: Budapest, Vienna, Prague & Krakow

Visit three grand Central European capitals and the historic Polish capital Krakow in two weeks, traveling at a relaxed pace. Start off in enchanting Prague, with its picture-postcard Old Town. Then take in the Imperial grandeur of Vienna. Next stop is in Budapest, voted 'best city in Europe' in 2015. The trip ends in Krakow, Poland's most popular destination and still its cultural capital. read full itinerary

Two Week Central Europe Grand Tour

With 2 weeks at your disposal and spending a little less time in each city you can explore a large area of Central Europe. Start in the ubercool German capital, Berlin then head south to enchanting Prague. After a few days it's time to head south again, to fairy-tale medieval Cesky Krumlov. From here it's on to the grand old Imperial capital, Vienna. After that you reach Budapest to see for yourself why Condé Nast Traveler readers voted it best city in Europe in 2015. The trip ends in the historic Polish capital, Krakow. read full itinerary

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Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Poland

Will I need a visa to travel to Poland?

European Union citizens do not need a visa, as Poland is part of the EU and the list of countires whose citizens do not require a visa covers most countries that our guests come from, including Austrialia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Visa & custom requirements can be found on the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

How much should I tip?

Tipping isn't as prevalent in Poland or the US and Poles don't tip much themselves but it is widely expected for foreigners to tip in restaurants or bars. A rule of thumb is roughly 10% in appreciation of satisfactory service, 15% if service is excellent. Leave cash on the table or round up the bill, saying "Raeshty nye chaeba" ("Keep the rest"). If you say "Thank you" when you hand over payment that will also be taken as "keep the rest". Tipping in cash is much preferred to adding teh tip to a card payment. If you take a tour and are happy with it, you can tip the tour guide if you wish. Taxi drivers don't necessarily expect a tip but if the ride is smooth, speedy and the cabbie makes an effort to converse, you will probably want to tip in the region of 10%.

What's Polish food like?

The typical Polish diet is traditionally rich in proteins and even richer in starch. On menus in Poland the former usually is in the form of in red meat, eggs, cheese, and sausages, whereas the carbs are bread, potatoes, and various noodles, pies and dumplings. There are three main meals in Poland: the morning sniadanie (breakfast), the afternoon obiad (lunch), and the evening kolacja (dinner). In between they may be supplemented, hobbit-like, with a lighter drugie sniadanie (second breakfast) and a podwieczorek (tea).

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