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Travel Insurance

We highly recommend insuring your trip for any unforeseen circumstances.

Please choose the area that matches where you live to see the appropriate selection of our recommended travel insurance partners

The major components of any travel insurance policy are:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip interruption
  • Medical costs
  • Medical evacuation
  • Lost baggage
  • Theft of personal items

You may have travel insurance as a perk of your credit card but the coverage amounts might be smaller or have terms and conditions attached that render it worthless.

Do I need medical insurance if I'm covered at home?

Usually, a domestic health care insurance will not cover travel abroad. You may be entering countries during your trip that have a technical requirement of medical insurance though the cases when people have been asked to prove this is rare. Should you fall ill during your trip you will need to pay for any treatment you receive.

Under what circumstances can I cancel my trip and still be reimbursed?

Basic trip cancellation insurance will cover you for a limited number of reasons such as illness, a death in the family, a change in your work circumstances, or a natural disaster disrupting flights. For any policy you are considering, check what exactly is covered. If you opt for 'cancel for any reason' (CFAR) insurance, this will increase the cost of a policy significantly and usually needs to be bought within a limited timeframe after your deposit is paid, typically within two weeks.

Insurance for Covid-19 related issues

Most insurance companies offer options to cover Covid-19 related issues, from trip cancellation due to a positive test, having to quarantine in a destination before returning home, or due to changing entry requirements for the country, or countries, you are visiting.

Which Insurance Company Should I use?

We have partnered with several leading travel insurance companies to provide you with a choice of coverage options.

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