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Popular Ukraine Vacation Itineraries

Our suggested itineraries in Ukraine and neighboring countries allow you to enjoy a multi-destination tour with ease. Our comprehensive tailored trip packages make traveling in the Eastern Europe region hassle-free. Our Ukraine vacation ideas cover a variety of destinations and can be tailored to your interests. If multi-country trips are more your style, then you will find that Ukraine can be combined easily with Belarus, Georgia, or Moldova.

* Starting price is based on double occupancy in 3 star accommodation, in the most affordable month an itinerary is offered. Airfare to Europe is not included.

Click on your choice of itinerary, select number of travelers in your party, month of travel, and desired star level of accommodation to get an approximate price. Submit the enquiry form with any additional details and we can start planning your customized trip.

Where to go in Ukraine

Ukraine Custom Tour Packages

The largest country entirely in Europe, Ukraine is a destination that rewards curious travelers. While there are still tensions in the far eastern parts of the country, the western (and very much West-leaning) areas are very safe. They're also fun and unique. Right now Ukraine needs the influx of tourist dollars and the welcomes are warmer than ever. There’s a rich history to explore here, and each city in Ukraine has its own atmosphere and traditions. You might think of Ukraine as glumly post-Soviet. But the people of Ukraine are some of the most welcoming and warm-hearted in Europe, and there is plenty of charming older architecture. It’s not uncommon to get talking to a local at a market or cafe. Locals love to give inside information about interesting things to do while you’re in town. Simply put, visiting Ukraine might be one of the most unique holidays you ever take.

Ukraine's best destinations

Odessa, Lviv, and Kyiv are especially vibrant cities that bear the marks of a volatile history. You can see it in the architecture and monuments. Ukraine caters to all interests. Relax on the Black Sea beaches of Odessa or in the sophisticated coffee shops of Lviv. Then there are the UNESCO World Heritage buildings of the cosmopolitan capital Kyiv. A vacation in Ukraine gives you a chance to enjoy many different activities. You should also get out of the city. The landscape outside Ukraine's cities is often beautiful, especially along the Black Sea coast and in the mountains to the west. If mountains are your thing, be sure to visit the town of Chernivtsi, with its UNESCO-listed religious complex which now hosts a university, amidst natural beauty. Kamianets-Podilskyi, a charming village beneath a memorable castle, is just one of several popular day trips from Chernivtsi, which, like Lviv, also lies near the Carpathian Mountains. Ukraine offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun like hiking and cycling, so take advantage!

Your Ukraine travel specialists

Exploring Ukraine on your own might seem daunting - a different language, and a different alphabet. That's where we come in. Starting with discussing your Ukraine trip plans with our travel advisors. Our expert trip planners located in Europe will create an itinerary based around your dates and budget. We'll provide a selection of handpicked hotels for you to stay in and arrange fascinating and fun excursions based on your interests. And when you land our in-destination staff in Ukraine will be never more than a phone call away. Wherever you want to travel in Ukraine, we can make it happen. Contact us for a free travel consultation. and we'll start planning the perfect Ukrainian vacation, just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Ukraine

Is Ukraine safe?
Due to the Russian attack on Ukraine we are not facilitating travel to the country at this time.
When is the best time to visit Ukraine?
Ukraine has hot summers and cold winters, making spring and fall pretty ideal times to visit, especially from mid-April to early June, or from early September to mid-October. Kyiv is generally a few degrees warmer than Lviv and a few cooler than Odessa, which has been a famed spa and beach resort town since Czarist times.
Ukraine or The Ukraine? Kyiv or Kiev?
A hot button topic for some. We've chosen to agree with the locals. The correct name of the country is just "Ukraine." "The Ukraine" is how Russians referred to the territory of Ukraine during the Soviet era and earlier. When it comes to the capital city, "Kiev" is the Russian transliteration of the city's name, whereas "Kyiv" is the transliteration from Ukrainian. Since the Euromaidan Revolution, the Ukrainian language has taken on a greater significance, although most Ukrainians also speak Russian.
What is Ukrainian cuisine like?

Ukraine has some of the most fertile soil on Earth, a bounty reflected in local restaurants and markets. Although ingredients are often simple (usually grains, mushrooms, and staple vegetables), food is often first fried or boiled, then stewed or baked. Ukraine's most famous export is borscht, the sour beet soup found throughout East and Central Europe. Restaurants often serve "green borscht," which uses sorrel leaves instead of beets. Ukraine has nearly-countless varieties of cabbage rolls, known as Holubtsi. Just as ubiquitous and varied as borscht are Varenyky, small dumplings similar to Polish pierogi. Food can be fatty, with Smetana (thick sour cream), and butter used as frequent toppings. Salo (cured lard) is also considered a delicacy. Ukraine has a wide variety of breads and pastries, often elaborately decorated and associated with religious holidays.

Horilka, the Ukrainian form of vodka, is popular, and while its ingredients can vary (peppers are a common addition), it is universally strong, especially when distilled at home. Different combinations of fruits and berries are used to make a type of wine, called Nastoyanka if strong, and Nalyvka if it has low alcohol content. As in Russia, Kompot (fruits or berries boiled in water like a liquid compote) and Kvass (a fermented rye drink akin to root beer) are popular non-alcoholic beverages. Kompot is associated with winter, and Kvass with summer, as it is often sold in parks out of large trailers. Tap water should be avoided, as even safe water often has an unpleasant taste due to the amounts of chlorine used.

What is transportation like in Ukraine?

Ukraine is the largest country entirely within Europe, so flights with Ukraine International Airlines can often be the best way of getting between major cities, such as Lviv, Kyiv, and Odessa. Trains are cheap, but ticket agents and train staff rarely speak English, and travel can be very slow, with many trains averaging around 30-40 MPH. We recommend against car rental, as few signs are written with the Latin alphabet, the roads are often in bad shape, traffic police have a reputation for corruption, traffic in major cities is often poor, animals often appear on highways, and local drivers are often reckless.

Kyiv has an excellent subway system, with some stations as impressive as any in Moscow. Kyiv has several of the world's deepest stations, hundreds of feet underground. Cities have complicated networks of buses, trolleybuses, and streetcars, which can be very crowded, especially at night. In addition are ubiquitous Marshrutkas, private minibuses that drive on set routes, but only begin their journey when full. In most cities, you pay the driver upon entering, but in Odessa you pay shortly before your stop. As these minibuses run on the honor system, people often pass money up to the driver (and hand change back) during the drive.

Can I travel to Crimea?
Since Russia's occupation of Crimea in 2014, the US State Dept advises against traveling to Crimea due to the possibility of abuses and arrest by the occupying authorities. We do not offer any destinations in Crimea.
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