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Visiting Slovenia is ideal for nature lovers, but the cities, like Ljubljana, are also spectacular. Slovenia's landscape offers tremendous variety. In one direction there's the Alps. In another the Mediterranean coast. In between there are forests and river gorges. Those who visit Slovenia always love the diversity of options.

You can see this meeting of Slavic, Central European, Balkan and Mediterranean cultures in Ljubljana, the vibrant capital. It is centrally located and the perfect place from which to day-trip while you're visiting Slovenia.

Explore Slovenia's natural beauty

If you'd like to unwind on your holiday in Slovenia, head to the charming lakeside resort of Bled. This small city sits by a glacial lake with a mountain backdrop. It's ideal for water activities such as swimming and rowing. Plus, the path around the lake makes for a comfortable bike ride. The Julian Alps that you see from Bled are great for active travelers and nature lovers. You can hike or go rafting on the Soca river.

Visit Slovenia's neighbors

Slovenia is a small country, so we often combine a visit here with a longer tour. Venice is just a few hours by road. Then there's Croatia to the south, which along with Slovenia used to be part of Yugoslavia. Slovenia joined the EU in 2004 and became part of the Schengen Area in 2007. So visitors can enjoy practically borderless travel between Italy and Slovenia. You won't have to change money, either. Slovenia has been on the Euro since then too.

Your Slovenia travel specialists

Accommodation in Slovenia is comfortable and affordable. Our local guides will be on-hand to assist all vacationers. Wherever you want to travel in Slovenia, we can make it happen. Visit Ljubljana, Bled, the Julian Alps, or all of them. Contact us for a free travel consultation and we'll start planning the perfect Slovenia vacation, just for you.

Top vacation destinations in Slovenia

Julian Alps

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"If you're visiting Croatia, and you should, JayWay will put together a great trip for you and then will be there for you every step of the way.  Carmine was great, put together the perfect itinerary for us. We felt we were in good hands with Lidija. Very responsive."

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Jonathan & Greg

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"For Croatia travel, I highly recommend JayWay Travel now that I've used them TWICE and had flawless travel plans with an interesting itinerary prepared by Jayway. Josipa who met us at our first hotel and gave us a short "briefing" AND a Jayway cell phone to use with everyone's numbers pre-programmed in the phone, was genius."

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Ivy, Alex, Sharon & Andre


Popular Slovenia Vacation Itineraries

Our suggested itineraries in Slovenia and neighboring countries allow you to enjoy a multi-destination tour with ease. Our Slovenia vacation packages make traveling in Central & Eastern Europe hassle-free. We take care of getting you from place to place, accommodation, excursions and activities.

10 Days in Slovenia & Austria

A relaxed 10 day itinerary that begins in the cutest capital we know, Ljubljana. From there it's time for some Mozart mania in Salzburg before heading east to Austria's grand capital, Vienna. With private transfers to take you from place to place you're in control the whole time, with the option of stops in Hallstatt, then the Wachau Valley wine region. read full itinerary

The Best of Italy & Slovenia in 2 Weeks

This two week trip will have you experiencing the highlights of two beautiful countries. From bustling Rome, all the way to Ljubljana, the super-cute capital of Slovenia, with overnight stops in Florence, Venice and the Julian Alps along the way. read full itinerary

Two Week Slovenia & Croatia Coast, Islands & Lakes Tour

2 weeks gives you enough time to travel the length of Croatia as well as see some of Slovenia. Start with the compact Slovenian capital Ljubljana and day trip to Bled. Continue on to Rovinj, a walled city on the coast of Istria, "Croatia's Tuscany". From there you go inland to Plitvice to explore the famous Plitvice Lakes National Park. Then it's back to the coast, with a night in cosy Trogir, near Split. After a visit to Diocletian's Palace which encloses Old Split it's time for a ferry ride to relax on sunny Hvar Island. We've saved the best for last with Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic your final destination. read full itinerary

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Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Slovenia

What is the weather like in Slovenia?

The weather in Slovenia varies from season to season. There are also three climatic influences that meet in the country. A harsh Alpine climate prevails in the mountains, the coast has a sub-Mediterranean climate, and the north-east lowlands have a continental climate. The average temperature is above 20°C (68F) in July, and around 0°C (32F) in January. It is worth checking the current weather before you travel, so that you can dress and pack appropriately.

How much should I tip in Slovenia?

Tipping is not traditionally a common practice in Slovenia although with the influx of foreign visitors it has become more accepted in recent years. Some restaurants and hotels will levy a service charge automatically on a bill and if not around 10% ould be a sufficient amount to tip. Taxi drivers and hotel staff should be rewarded by one or two Euros for good service.

What is Slovenian food like?

Typical Slovene food is influenced by the nighboring Slavic, Hungarian and Italian traditions and is in general wholesome and hearty. Goulash is perhaps the most popular dish, made of beef or lamb and slow cooked in a thick gravy with carrots, mushrooms, potatoes and seasoning. Sausage and Sauerkraut is a simple but filling dish that is found in many Ljubljana cafes and restaurants and can be served as an appetizer or main meal. Noted desserts include Potica - a crunchy nut roll and Slovenian almond cake.

When are the public holidays in Slovenia?

- 1 and 2 January: New Year
- 8 February: Slovenian cultural festival - Prešeren Day
- Easter Monday
- 27 April: Uprising Against the Occupation Day
- 1 and 2 May: Labour Day
- 8 June: Primož Trubar Day  (not a work-free day) 
- 25 June: National Day 
- 15 August: Feast of the Assumption 
- 17 August: Merging of Prekmurje Slovenians with the rest of Slovenia after World War I (not a work-free day) 
- 15 September: Merging of Primorska with the rest of Slovenia (not a work-free day) 
- 31 October: Reformation Day 
- 1 November: All Souls Day 
- 23 November: Rudolf Maister Day
(not a work-free day) 
- 25 December: Christmas 
- 26 December: Independence and Unity Day

On public holidays (other than the ones noted as not work-free) you can expect banks and government offices to be closed as well as most local shops.

What kind of electrical system is in use in Slovenia?

Mains electricity in Slovenia is a 230 Volts 50 Hz system. Slovenia uses the Europlug (CEE 7/16). This is the plug used in most other European countries. If you're travelling from outside Europe you should check that your devices (or their chargers) are dual voltage capable before plugging them in - regular plug adapters (as opposed to expensive and heavy transformers) don't perform any voltage transformation so make sure your devices can auto-switch from 110 to 220v.

Can I drink the tap water in Slovenia?

The tap water is safe and should cause no problems. In general water in Slovenia is very hard (high calcium/limescale content).

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