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An oasis of historic and natural beauty.
The quiet beauty of Dilijan in the “Armenian Switzerland” make for a calming change of pace. Dilijan’s old town demonstrates a side of Armenian history that can be hard to find elsewhere, from restored stone houses to active craft workshops. While most visitors come seeking hiking paths and scenic vistas, Dilijan still hosts a fair number of spas and health resorts.
Route for Dilijan tour
Sitting in the center of the Dilijan National Park, this town is a great way to explore different aspects of Armenia’s wilderness. Nearby Lake Sevan, with its turquoise waters, is a must-see. Sevan’s fish are a popular delicacy in Dilijan’s restaurants. Of the several monasteries nearby, we recommend visiting Haghartsin, as well as Goshavank (also known as Nor Getik) if you have the time.

What I love about Dilijan


Caucasus Destination Expert

Dilijan is the place for those who want to trade the noise of the city for natural quiet. There are no doubts about the beauty of Dilijan's mountains and valleys, and its authentic, simple vibes are a real treasure.

Where to stay in Dilijan

We offer accommodation in Dilijan, Armenia at prices to suit everyone, including in rooms along a restored historic street. Get in touch with us for a free travel consultation. Once we start preparing your customized itinerary we will present our recommended options for you to select from.
Armenian Retro Style in Dilijan
Armenian Retro Style
A new hotel surrounded by forest and lovely landscape.
Traditional Hotel in Dilijan
Traditional Hotel
A charming and historic hotel.
Modern Design Hotel in Dilijan
Modern Design Hotel
Comfortable 4-star hotel with high quality service and modern amenities.

Things to do in Dilijan

Explore the Old Town and get to know the city and its surroundings quickly via a private tour. After exploring Dilijan, your guide will take you to see the area's monasteries, and have lunch along the shores of the scenic Parz Lake.
Dilijan Private Tour
Dilijan Private Tour
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