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Top vacation destinations in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Vacation & Tour Packages

“The Land of Fire” is simultaneously glitzy and timeless

From its fiery coast to its verdant mountains, Azerbaijan has many angles to explore. Literally “The Land of Fire,” the country’s verdant energy is expressed both in mud volcanoes and fires burning under cliffs and in an ancient Zoroastrian temple, and in the flashy wealth of Baku, the capital. The Caspian Sea’s oil platforms may stretch out to the horizon, but much of the country remains ageless, with ancient villages and Medieval palaces tucked beneath the Great Caucasus Mountains. Whether you’re seeking mountains or sea, cities or countryside, you’ll find plenty to explore in Azerbaijan.

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Azerbaijan’s culture and history are closely linked to Turkey’s, which you’ll see in food and architecture, but the country’s unique path combines these traditions with influences from Russia, Persia, and elsewhere. We recommend seeing Baku, a capital that combines showy new architecture with a carefully preserved traditional old town. To see another aspect of Azerbaijan, see Sheki, with its khanate palace, and beautifully forested mountains.

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We are a tour operator specializing in the Caucasus, as well as East and Central Europe, and with local partners throughout Azerbaijan. Our clients come from around the world, especially North America. Our travel advisors are mainly based in the US, but we have staff throughout the European countries we cover. Our vacation packages let you visit Azerbaijan and its Caucasian neighbors at the pace that works for you. We will meet all of your needs, from airport transfers, to lodgings, tours, day trips, and transportation between destinations. No matter your speed or interests, we’ll provide the type of trip you enjoy, taking care of arrangements so you can just enjoy your vacation once you arrive. You will also be able to select the tours, excursions, and lodgings you want, all of which we have inspected ourselves.

Visit a neighboring country

If you’re planning to travel to Azerbaijan, there’s plenty to do outside of the capital. You can have authentic local experiences in the lovely landscapes of the countryside. We recommend continuing on to Georgia, especially if visiting Sheki, and even continuing on to Armenia.

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We can help make your trip memorable and stress-free. Contact us for a free travel consultation and we’ll start planning the perfect Azeri vacation for you.

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Popular Azerbaijan Vacation Itineraries

Our suggested itineraries in Azerbaijan and neighboring countries allow you to enjoy a multi-destination tour with ease. Our vacation packages make traveling in Central & Eastern Europe hassle-free. We take care of getting you from place to place, accommodation, excursions and activities.

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JayWay Travel makes it so easy and convenient. The best customer service ever. I have had three tours with JayWay Travel and will never use another tour service. If JayWay Travel doesn't serve that part of the world, I won't go there.

JayWay Travel makes it so easy and convenient. The best customer service ever. I have had three tours with JayWay Travel and will never use another tour service. If JayWay Travel doesn't serve that part of the world, I won't go there.

Year : 2019
Visited : Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Italy
Itinerary : Baku, Sheki, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Rome
Rating :
5 / 5
Year : 2019
Visited : Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Italy
Itinerary : Baku, Sheki, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Rome
Rating :
5 / 5

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Azerbaijan

When is the best time to visit Azerbaijan?

Between the high Caucasus Mountains and coastal lowlands (Baku lies under sea level), Azerbaijan has remarkable climatic diversity. We recommend visiting between late April and mid-June, or between mid-September and late October. Baku gets little rain, but is cooled by the peninsula it's located on, although highs are generally in the 80s from June to early September. With its abundant sun and spas, Baku was popular with Soviet vacationers, although many of its spas (several of which used crude oil) have since shut down. Baku is famous for its winds, which cool it in summer, but can make temperatures feel bitterly cold in winter, even if snow is rare. Located higher up and surrounded by mountainous forests, Sheki is generally cooler than Baku, and is pleasant throughout summer.

Is Azerbaijan safe?

Azerbaijan is a safe country, although one should look for pickpockets in the center of Baku. Unlicensed taxis should be avoided, as well as political gatherings and demonstrations, as these have led to violence in the past. Azerbaijan isn’t very religious, but pants for men and long dresses for women are recommended if traveling to especially rural villages. It’s best to avoid talking about Armenia, or making any negative comments about Azerbaijan’s ruler, or his father, the previous ruler.

The only area we don't recommend visiting is Nagorno-Karabakh, a region internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan, but controlled by the Republic of Artsakh, a de facto independent state. Artsakh is not recognized by any official countries, but has strong unofficial ties with Armenia, and is defended by Armenian soldiers. People with an Artsakh stamp in their passports cannot enter Azerbaijan.

What is Azeri cuisine like?

Azeri food has been influenced by the Silk Road caravans that passed through its lands, unique, delicious, and filled with history. Azerbaijan is known for its use of vegetables and fresh herbs. Mutton and beef are popular, alongside Caspian fish. Dumplings and rice Plov (pilaf) are common. We recommend Piti, an extraordinarily savory meat soup that is covered in a lump of fat, then cooked in a sealed crock. It's traditionally served with a second plate, so it can first be eaten as soup, then as a meat course. Sheki is especially known for its Piti.

As a primarily Muslim country, alcohol isn’t very traditional, although it’s served in all restaurants. Azeris prize black tea, often drinking it from a pear-shaped “Armudu” (literally “pear-shaped”) glass. These glasses cool the tea on top, keep the tea further down hot, and are easy to hold without spilling or burning oneself. Tap water is generally safe to drink, but in Baku, bottled water is recommended.

What is public transportation like in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan has invested some of its newfound wealth in transportation, resulting in cheap but effective transit in Baku's center, although you're unlikely to need it, and modern new expressways. There is one Soviet-era train to Tbilisi, which takes 14 hours and which we recommend against. Taking photos within Baku's subway stations is prohibited for security reasons.
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