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  | Azerbaijan

Oil wealth is building Baku anew
'The new Dubai' offers a heady mix of old and modern


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Baku is a glitzy city on the Caspian Sea. It’s expanding quickly with the ambition to become something like the next Dubai. The government is pouring investment into infrastructure and the tourist industry while adding flights from foreign countries on a daily basis. Most of the wealth in Azerbaijan is here, and it’s easy to see. But that doesn’t mean there’s no history to explore. In fact, Baku’s Old Town is ancient, yet very well maintained. UNESCO listed the walled city as a World Heritage Site in 2000. The impressive buildings and labyrinthine streets will excite history buffs and anyone who appreciates unique architecture.

The modern side of Baku is evident elsewhere. For instance, there’s a huge walkway known as the boulevard stretching for kilometers along the shore of the Caspian Sea. It offers beautiful views and a breezy, laidback seaside atmosphere. The nightlife and dining scene in Baku are great as well. There's a tasty mix of local and international flavors. You wouldn’t know this was a Muslim country, judging from the high-end cocktail bars. But perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Baku was the 2012 host of the Eurovision Song Contest, after all. Since 2017 Baku also hosts the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, an international Formula I race that attests to the city’s modern ambitions.

Baku is definitely comfortable in the 21st century, but it remains off the beaten path for Western tourists. If you’re looking to visit someplace new and very unique, this is it.

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Brandy, Alex, Phoebe, Abraham and Roman

Brandy, Alex, Phoebe, Abraham and Roman


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