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  | Azerbaijan

Follow the Old Silk Road
Sheki is known for its silk production and a stop on the traditional trading route


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Visiting Sheki will show you the real, traditional Azerbaijan. Don’t miss this rural gem while you’re in the country. This city on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains is much poorer than Baku and is still a little rough around the edges. But that just means you’ll get to experience the authentic side of Azerbaijani culture when you visit. There’s a small village atmosphere here. It’s an interesting contrast to other destinations in the country. You’ll also notice more of a religious element in Sheki than in some of the larger cities in Azerbaijan. The Islamic architecture here, like the Palace of the Sheki Khans, is truly impressive. Sheki is ideal for a short stay. One day is enough to cover the major sites like the Khan's palace, the bazaar and the caravanserai.

Sheki is the perfect place to break up the journey between Azerbaijan and Georgia. After all, Sheki used to be one of the stops on the Silk Road connecting Baku and Tbilisi. Sheki's caravanserai were a welcome sight after a long day traveling. As well as being a stop on the silk old trading route Sheki was and still is a renowned producer of silks. While factory isn't easy to visit, you'll find the classic Sheki silk scarves on sale throughout the town. Beyond the city you’ll find lovely countryside. It's ideal for nature lovers, especially if you don’t mind a hawk swooping down for prey every once in a while!

Both Sheki itself and the surrounding landscape have an untouched feel that adventurous travelers will appreciate.

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