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Choose Where your Next Meal Is Coming from Visually

I’ve been using Foodspotting for a little while personally, and it’s an handy tool for picking somewhere to eat, based on photos of the food. How it works First install the app on your smartphone, and you can start ‘exploring’ immediately. You can browse through photos of dishes served at … Read More

Mobile Internet Access for Smartphones in Croatia

Our guide to getting your iPhone or Android smartphone online in Croatia The UN this year deemed Internet access a human right and who are we to argue? Add in the pressure of employers and clients who need to contact you even when you’re on vacation, making sure you’re as … Read More

Traveling with gadgets

7 Tips for Tech-savvy Travelers

These days it’s well worth bringing at least some of your shiny objects with you on vacation to make life easier. To make the most of your gadgets follow these 7 useful tips. 1. Avoid Hefty Roaming Charges 1 – by roaming smart If you’re packing your smartphone, make sure … Read More

St Mark's Square, Venice

Internet Access for the Smartphone Addict in Venice

Even if you just can’t live without ‘net access on the Venice leg of your European tour you might balk at the cost of hotel wifi – many hotels charge extra for it and many wifi hotspots in cafes and bars are of the paid-for variety. There is a public … Read More

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