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  | Czech Republic
The Czech Republic's Sunniest Town
Much closer to Vienna than Prague, Mikulov is in the heart of Moravian wine country

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Mikulov Sights

Mikulov is a delightful small town in Moravian wine country. On the edge of the Palava hills and surrounded by vineyards, there's no mistaking the drink of choice in this part of the Czech Republic. The prevalence of wine owes much to the fact that this is the sunniest spot in the Czech Republic. The focal point of daily life in the town is the main square, where you'll find a good variety of cafes and wine bars. Some of the wine bars and shops are owned directly by the wineries, perfect for sampling a drop of the local grape. Gastronomy is a focus in Mikulov and there are several excellent restaurants where you can taste local seasonal dishes.

Mikulov Tourism

Nicolsburg, as Mikulov is known in German, was long home to a significant Jewish community. An educational path of the Jewish Quarter runs through the town, highlighting 14 remaining buildings and monuments such as Jewish houses, the synagogue, Jewish cemetery and a medieval Jewish bath. Whether you choose to spend your time in Mikulov directly in the town center itself sampling local wines, hiking to nearby Holy Mount or exploring the Moravian countryside by car, you're certain to have an enjoyable time.

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