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A cosmopolitan melting pot like no other and the oldest city in France, Marseille makes everyone feel at home.
Wherever you come from, Marseille welcomes you. This adage eloquently describes one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in Europe. Founded in 600 BC by Greek settlers, Marseille is a cosmopolitan melting pot of different cultures, formed by various people that kept arriving in the city after fleeing persecutions or due to economic reasons. To discover Marseille and to truly understand its extraordinary heritage, you need to immerse yourself in all of its different districts.
Route for Marseille tour
Marseille is home to lively pedestrian zones and shopping areas situated near the city's many historical sites. With its cosmopolitan beaches, rich history, glorious architecture, and diverse culture, Marseille is one of the most fascinating cities in France. Wandering through the Old Port is unavoidable as all the streets in the city seem to lead there. The view of the Mediterranean and a few nearby small islands, some of which can easily be reached by maritime shuttles, is breathtaking. Housed in an ultra-modern building, the Museum of the Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean blends old and new with the remarkable footbridge that connects it to the 1660 fort Saint-Jean. The neighborhood of diversity par excellence, the 1st district, hosts an unmissable food market, while the magnificent Avenue du Prado leads to the city's best beaches.

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Where to stay in Marseille

Large luxury hotel in Marseille
Large luxury hotel
One of the finest luxury hotels in Marseille, overlooking the city from atop Panier Hill.
Art Deco Design Hotel in Marseille
Art Deco Design Hotel
A boutique hotel in the Old Port of Marseille.
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