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Georgia's Premier Spa Town
The resort town of Borjomi is located almost 100 miles from Tbilisi in the Meskheti region and is renowned for its medicinal water and excellent opportunities for health and recreation, magnificent climate, and unique nature, ancient historical monuments and unusual architecture, distinctive Meskhetian cuisine, and a cozy atmosphere. Borjomi is situated on the edge of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, in the central part of Georgia, which makes up the eastern part of the lesser Caucasus Mountains and covers more than 1.5% of the territory of Georgia.
Borjomi attracts travelers with countless hiking trails through forests, breathtaking panoramic views, and lakes. Important monuments of different ages and cultures such as Vardzia, Green Monastery, Romanovs Palace, and many others have been preserved in Borjomi and its surroundings. One of the main attractions of Borjomi is the mineral water of volcanic origin that you’ll find on sale throughout Georgia, called simply "Borjomi". The spring is located in Borjomi Central Park which besides mineral water has charming trails to wander around and famous geothermal pools where you can take a bath all year round. Remains of ancient culture, castles, famous and distinguished thousand-year-old temples tell tales of the history and cultural development of the Meskheti Region and are waiting to be discovered.

What I love about Borjomi


Tbilisi City Host & Caucasus Destination Expert

After visiting Borjomi countless times I'm always surprised by its exceptionally fresh air and spectacular nature, as if it was my first visit. Always calm and welcoming Borjomi is without exception a good place to find tranquility for both your mind and your body. Even just one day spent wandering around Borjomi Central Park can deliver numerous amount of bright memories and relaxation.

Where to stay in Borjomi

As a popular tourism-focused destination there are plenty of accommodations in Borjomi, but we've narrowed our selection to the very best the town has to offer. You'll be staying right in town, whichever option you choose, with all the facilities you need right outside your door. Once we start preparing your customized itinerary we will present our recommended options for you to select from.
Central Resort Hotel
Comfortable resort hotel in the heart of the town with nice spacious rooms and big variety of onsite services.
Historical Boutique Hotel
Beautiful Boutique Hotel located in a historical building right next to the Brojomi Central Park
Small Central Hotel
Cozy small hotel in the middle of Borjomi with spacious comfortable rooms suitable for families.

Things to do in Borjomi

Unique climate and diverse nature be your constant companions during your days in Borjomi and its surroundings. Walking through the Central Park, enjoying the view of the city from the Plateau cable car station, exploring the tunnels of Vardzia cave town or visiting the medieval Rabati Castle, the Meskheti region provides a myriad of ways to explore the immersive local landscape.
Private day trip to Rabati Castle, Vardzia and Khertvisi Fortress
Borjomi City Private Walking Tour

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Borjomi

Borjomi sounds familiar. Why is that?
Borjomi is Georgia’s most famous brand of mineral water. It comes from a spring that has been known for more than 1500 years. The water rises from deep within the Earth; from a depth of 5-6 miles and contains up to 60 different minerals existing in the Caucasus Mountains. It is used to treat various diseases and ailments.
How long should I stay in Borjomi?
We recommend staying 1 or 2 nights in Borjomi.
What are prices like in Borjomi?
You can roughly expect to spend around $10 for a quick lunch and beer, $20 for dinner, and $4-8 for museums and landmarks.
Is Borjomi safe?
Borjomi is a relatively safe city, and there are almost no incidents of violent crime, especially towards tourists. 
How can I get around Borjomi?
Borjomi is a small town and most of the main attractions are within walking distance of the hotels we work with. Borjomi public transport consists of only a few so-called “marshrutkas” (minibuses) operating within the town. We don't recommend using them, but taxis are cheap, and you can get around the city with them for less than $5. Agree on a price before starting your journey.
What's the best way to get local currency in Borjomi?
We recommend visiting bank ATMs to take out some Georgian Lari. Even if you have money to change the best way is to use an ATM even if the exchange rate isn’t the best, but you won’t be tricked, a potential danger at money-changers.
Does Borjomi have options for people with dietary restrictions?
Don’t worry, Georgian cuisine has plenty of vegetarian/vegan dishes. Just let the wait staff know what you can't eat and they will help you to choose from the menu.
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