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A valley village beneath two of Georgia's most famous symbols, Mt. Kazbek and the Gergeti Trinity Monastery.

Known to locals as Stepantsminda, Kazbegi is an ideal base for exploring Georgia’s northern border. The village is the reward at the end of the stunning Georgian Military Highway, a route carved through the mountains by the czars, through some of Georgia's most scenic areas and past some of its most famous landmarks. Your drive pass through the region's most famous ski area, Gudauri, and include stops at scenic vistas, such as the Ananuri Castle, and the cliffside Russia–Georgia Friendship Monument, which shows Russian and Georgian history via colorful tiles covering its interior. Paragliding is available next to the monument.

Kazbegi sits below and across a river from the Gergeti Trinity Church, a national symbol located atop a mountain between the town and Mount Kazbek, a steep peak popular with mountaineers. The mountain can be ascended via a steep hike, but most visitors elect to be driven to the monastery by jeep. There are several waterfalls and valleys that can be explored between the town and the Russian border, ten miles to the north.

What I love about Kazbegi


Tbilisi City Host & Caucasus Destination Expert

Kazbegi is one of the most mysterious and sacred places for me. The panoramas and client remind me of legendary scenes from The Lord of The Rings. This is simply the place where on can find peace and indulge in Mother Nature. And of course, there's the one and only Mkinvarstveri (Mt. Kazbek), which resembles Tolkien's Lonely Mountain.

Where to stay in Kazbegi

Kazbegi's center is where you'll find the accommodation options we offer, from a comfy 3-star boutique to an impressive 4-star with amazing views, and telescopes for enjoying them from its sun terrace and indoor lounge, reminiscent of a classic alpine grand hotel. Once we start preparing your customized itinerary we will present our recommended options for you to select from.
Lovely Design Hotel
Amazing views and beautiful surroundings add up to a relaxing ambience.
Central Boutique Hotel
This comfortable boutique-style hotel has a lovely balcony with gorgeous mountain views.
Classic Modern Hotel
Cozy 4-star hotel in a very center of Stepantsminda with spacious rooms and great views of famous Mount Kazbegi.

Things to do in Kazbegi

Surrounded by mountains and neighboring Russia, Kazbagi is an ideal place for exploring some of the most scenic parts of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. The town's main attraction is the Gergeti Trinity Monastery, one of Georgia's symbols, and best vistas. The mountaintop monastery is accessible after a steep hike, but most elect to be driven up by a driver/guide, who can also show visitors around several nearby villages.
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