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  | Georgia

A vibrant, colorful city on a hill


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Tbilisi is a vibrant, colorful city on a hill. There's a mix of modern European neighborhoods and a stunning Old Town. The historic sections of the city have an atmosphere unlike any country in Europe. That’s in part because of Tbilisi’s complex past. You’ll find Soviet architecture, Eastern Orthodox churches, Art Nouveau apartments and a fortress from the 4th century. Tbilisi’s fortress isn’t just a historic stronghold, it’s also where you can enjoy breathtaking views over the buildings and the landscape beyond.

There’s so much more than just history here. In the modern sections of Tbilisi you’ll find grand government buildings, sprawling boulevards and all the conveniences. The neighborhoods of Tbilisi each have their own character and charm. This city of contrasts takes on a completely different atmosphere at night. That's when the lights come on and the streets and buildings have a feeling of kitsch glamor. This goes hand-in-hand with the energetic nightlife. There are cafes on every corner and more than enough opportunities to enjoy local cuisine. You can try excellent wine and unique recipes you won’t find elsewhere. It seems like every restaurant tries to outdo the next, so you could spend a week just eating and drinking your way through this lovely destination.

A two-sided city where day and night, present and past offer alluring contrasts, Tbilisi has much to offer.

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