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"Italy's Northernmost City."
Mention Regensburg to any student of German or Czech history, and watch their ears perk up. This ancient city is perched above the foundations of Castra Regina, a Roman camp. The capital of Bavaria for 700 years, Regensburg hosted the Holy Roman Empire's parliament for centuries, making it a co-capital alongside Vienna (the town itself served as five separate independent states within the Holy Roman Empire, which had hundreds of members). The seemingly endless UNESCO-listed Old Town (the largest north of the Alps) is a reminder of the city's golden age, when the Stone Bridge across the Danube linked Venice to Northern Europe. This bridge made Regensburg the cultural center of southern Germany, and made its weavers and goldsmiths wealthy.
Route for Regensburg tour
Give yourself plenty of time to stroll Regensburg's streets. Visit the Gothic capital, and enjoy the city's famous sausages at the world's oldest continually open public restaurant, which is nearing its 900th birthday. Then head further afield. Landshut is beloved for its medieval traditions and tall church, while Passau's Old Town is a wonder in its own right.

Popular Tour Itineraries Featuring Regensburg

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Things to do in Regensburg

Besides the highly walkable old town and the must-eat wurstkuchl, Regensburg's a great place to get to the soul of Bavaria, through its regional museum or getting yourself kitted out in traditional lederhosen.

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Regensburg

Where's best, easiest and safest to get some local currency?
ATMs are the easiest and quickest way to obtain cash. However not all machines take all cards. Check with your bank or credit-card company about fees. If you need to exchange cash the safest it to use official bank, in Regensburgh for instance centrally located Reise Bank AG, Pfauengasse 1. Please note that Bavaria is still very much a cash culture and even though most of the shops and hotels accept payment cards it is always recommended to have cash as well.
How do I get around?
The city center of Regensburg where you find most of the sights, shops, restaurants and bars is entirely walkable. You can, however, still use bus line A within the Old Town area. Another more than 20 lines serve the more remote areas of the city. Single tickets for the Old Town area (inner city zone) cost 1.10 Euro and the all-day tickets is for 2.50 Euro. Tickets can be bought at RVV ticketing outlets and ticket machines located at many bus stops.
How about the cultural venues?
Museums in Regensburg follow the common opening hours in Germany; from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Some of the private museum can, however, have different schedule and it is always recommended to check the official website of the institution before you go.
Shops in Germany tend to close earlier then in most of other European countries. Small local shops are usually open till 5 or 6 pm and supermarkets and big grocery shops close around 8 pm in Regensburg. Also shopping malls rarely stay open after this time, including the Regensburg's Galeria Shopping Mall. Please note that except for some small convenience store all shops are closed on Sundays.
Is Regensburg safe?
Regensburg is a very safe city. In fact Bavaria has the lowest crime rate in whole Germany. Having said that, it is always recommended to beware of pickpockets and other petty crime.
What are the options for people with dietary restrictions and intolerances?
German cuisine and Bavarian especially is is based on pork meat, dumpling, sauerkraut and sausages. Traditional pubs have usually very little to offer to vegetarians or anyone with special dietary restrictions. In spite of that Regensburg has a variety of restaurant serving international cuisine including many Italian and Asian eateries that cater to guest with various dietary restrictions.
How many days should I spend in?
Regernsburg is a small city that has however a lot to offer. At least two or three nights are recommended to fully enjoy its architecture and learn about its great history.
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