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The oracle is gone, but her influence remains
Lying graciously on the slopes of the pristine Mount Parnassus, this magnificent UNESCO-listed archaeological complex is a sanctuary which the ancient Greeks believed to be the “navel of the world”. According to Greek mythology, Zeus set two eagles free to determine the center of the world. When their paths crossed at Delphi, its status as the center of the world was proven. It is here that oracles channeled the prophecies of Apollo to those seeking his guidance, including great heroes, statesmen, and generals. Athenians, Spartans, Macedonians and Romans brought their offerings, to show off their glory and power, and in thankfulness to the divine wisdom they received. These gifts, many of which you can see today, are clear reminders of Delphi's importance, and past wealthy and prestige.
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With its central location, Delphi also played host to important competitions, from music and poetry to athletics. Its Pythian Games were equal in prestige to those at Olympia. Even after Delphi fell into the hands of the Romans, its cult and competitions flourished until the rise of Christianity.

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Things to do in Delphi

A visit to this ancient destination is a must, especially if you've been reading up on the countless legends connected to Delphi. Walk the paths that connect the past and present, much as Delphi's oracles connected people to their fates. Admire the imposing Athenian Treasury, inscribed with a hymn dedicated to Apollo and the Sybil rock where the Pythia, famous oracles, would sit, as Apollo supposedly spoke through them (with priests on hand to interpret). Delphi's Archaeological Museum has a rich collection of treasures, from the Mycenaean era to Greco-Roman times. Inside the museum you can admire notable statues, and the omphalos, an iconic stone navel meant to symbolize Delphi's mythical location at the center of the world.

Delphi Private Tour
Delphi Private Tour
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