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My lady Monemvasia, my ship made of stone, You have thousands of masts and thousands of sails, Yet you remain still, taking me on a journey throughout the world.

- Yiannis Ritsos
Known since ancient times due to its strategic location, Monemvasia is a medieval settlement like no other. Built on a dramatic rock in the middle of the sea, Monemvasia Castle was connected to the mainland by a 200-meter bridge quite recently, in 1971. Since then, Monemvasia has been one of the most romantic destinations in Southern Greece, a unique place that offers travelers the opportunity to sleep within the walls of a real-life fortress, wake up to a stunning sunrise over the fragrant Aegean Sea, and stroll around lost-in-time alleys with many tales to tell.
Route for Monemvasia tour
While in Monemvasia, you'll wander around dreamy squares, walk along century-old ramparts, and feel the sweetness of the exquisite local wine, the famed Malvasia Wine. Outside the medieval town's walls, you'll swim in deep blue waters, hike while enjoying spectacular views at every turn, and explore one of the most authentic regions in the Peloponnese, the rugged yet enchanting Laconia. Adding Monemvasia to your itinerary means getting to know a side of Greece you never knew existed, one steeped in the history of castles, conquerors, and wealthy merchants in a place that transcends time and space and only exists to remind us that beauty never fades.

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Things to do in Monemvasia

A trip to Monemvasia would be worth it even if all you did was wander around the timeless alleys of its dreamy medieval castle. Yet, there's more to Monemvasia than enjoying almost unbearably romantic strolls around a scenery that feels as though it has sprung out of the pages of a fairytale. In Monemvasia Castle, don't hesitate to learn the exciting history of the fortress on guided tours of its Lower and Upper Town. Outside of the medieval settlement, get ready to delve into the magic of the countryside of Laconia by hiking along scenic paths and savoring the superb products of this blessed land: olive oil, wine, and honey. To take Monemvasia's flavors back home with you, we'd recommend joining a cooking or bread-making class for a taste of authentic local cuisine and a journey into its secrets.
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