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The Pearl of Lake Como, Bellagio is where the lake's different branches meet, gently touching each other like so many lovers that choose this enchanting spot to whisper words of eternal love to their better halves.
From Roman times to the present day, Bellagio's history spans many centuries. Yet, it's not the town's history that draws enchanted travelers from all over the world to this tiny corner in Northern Italy but Bellagio's ridiculously good looks and inescapably romantic vibes. Sitting on the spot where the three branches of Lake Como meet, Bellagio enjoys a central location that renders the quaint town the ideal base for a trip to explore the area's unparalleled charms. All this beauty attracts plenty of day-trippers but overnight guests will largely have the place to themselves as the ferries gradually empty the town out.
Route for Bellagio tour
The heart of Bellagio is a pedestrian-only zone, perfect for those who enjoy strolling around for hours on end, taking in the town's sheer beauty at every turn. One of the best walks you can take while in Bellagio is to Punta Spartivento, the tip of the peninsula, where you can enjoy panoramic views of Lake Como and the nearby towns. Bellagio is also home to dreamy gardens and countless villas, the finest examples of the area's unique architecture. All in all, Bellagio is the perfect choice for a romantic escape in an almost unreal setting that seems to have sprung out of the pages of a fairy tale.

Things to do in Bellagio

Bellagio is insanely picturesque and walking or cycling are among the best ways to take in all this beauty. Thanks to its central location, Bellagio is also ideal if you want to explore the treasures of Lake Como on a private driving tour or visit other nearby towns on easy day trips. Yet, Bellagio can also serve as the starting point for day trips beyond Lake Como, to Milan, Lugano, Lake Maggiore, and St Moritz. We can also arrange for you an unforgettable train ride on board the emblematic Bernina Express, the famous Swiss Alpine train.
Bellagio E-Bike and Eat Small Group Tour
Bellagio E-Bike and Eat Small Group Tour
Best of Como Lakeside Private Driving Tour (from Bellagio)
Best of Como Lakeside Private Driving Tour (from Bellagio)
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