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Berlin, Dresden & Prague in 10 Days

Visit three very different yet equally alluring Central European cities on a custom tour. Combining capital-of-cool Berlin with magical Prague and phoenix-city Dresden will give you a great understanding of what makes this such a fascinating part of Europe. The services we provide as part of our comprehensive packages include accommodations, airport transfers and city tours. In addition to the tours included we can arrange a number of excursions based on your own interests. There is also an option to travel between cities by private car or van transfers at an extra cost. Our Destination Manager in the region provides assistance before and during your travels. They will be available to you leading up to the trip to answer any questions and arrange local services. You will be provided with information on the best these destinations have to offer including things to see and do, restaurants, entertainment and other insider tips. Upon arrival we will provide you with a local cell phone that you can use to contact our Destination Manager throughout your trip. In all of our destinations we offer a variety of accommodation options including boutique style hotels, charming B&Bs and spacious apartments ranging from a three to five star level. From our first hand experience we can ensure they are all clean, comfortable and centrally located. We generally discourage chain hotels but provide accommodations with unique features or an authentic feel.
Berlin - Germany, Dresden - Germany, Prague - Czech Republic


4 Nights in Berlin

Day 1

Welcome to Berlin! You will be met at the airport and have transport arranged to your centrally located accommodation.

Included : Berlin Airport Transfer

Day 2

City Walking Tour
Today you'll be taking a group walking tour. You’ll stroll down Berlin's royal boulevard and retrace the city's evolution from a pagan fishing village into the capital of Prussia, and the capital of Bismarck's German empire. Your guide will help you discover the memorial for the Nazi book burning close to where Marx studied and Einstein taught. Walk across the final battlefield of World War II and find out how the peculiar events surrounding the Reichstag fire led to the Nazis' rise to power in 1933. Stand at the site of Hitler's bunker and get an in-depth account of the claustrophobic last days spent inside. You'll also explore the controversial Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

Berlin Group City Tour

Included in your
vacation package
Suggestion to explore on your own: Pick up some very Berlin souvenirs
Berlin's definitely a design forward city so what better to bring home as a reminder of your time here than something from one of the city's many local designers. Several neighborhoods lend themselves to a shopping expediton. Prenzlauer Berg is great for strolling and dropping into designer shops, Kreuzberg is all about the vintage stores. The highest concentration of designer shops however is to be found in the Hackescher Markt, Germany’s largest enclosed courtyard area and you'll find it chock full of Berlin-made goods.

Included : Berlin Group City Tour

Day 3

Suggestion to explore on your own: Explore some of Berlin's diverse neighborhoods
Berlin's a vast and sprawling city with some very diverse neighborhoods. You definitely couldn't explore all of our suggestions in a day so we feel it's best to pick one that fits your interests, from artsy Kreuzburg, bustling Mitte or leafy Prenzlauer Berg and more besides, Berlin's a city with something for everyone. Get some inspiration from our blog post about six of Berlin's distinct districts or pick a cafe to hang out in.

Suggestion to explore on your own: Green Space: Tiergarten, Beer Gardens and More
Berlin in the summer is a real treat, as you have the combination of the rich history and a spectrum of outdoor entertainment. Today we suggest exploring some of the city’s outdoor life. The Tiergarten is the city’s largest park and is centered around The Victory Column, which offers incredible views over the city. Many neighborhoods throughout the city also have beer gardens, where you can enjoy a cold pilsner in classic summer style. Areas such as Kreuzberg are also great places to wander when it’s warm. You’ll find outdoor dining and drinking, markets, and more.

Day 4

Optional: 20th Century Berlin History Day
Berlin is full of museums but there are two we recommend highly, the Berlin Wall Memorial and the German History Museum. Why not explore their very informative exhibitions today? The Berlin Wall Memorial is an open-air stretch of 1.4 kilometers of the wall. At Bernauer Strasse, you’ll find the graffiti-covered wall as well as a proper museum/visitor center that’s full of historical insight. The German History Museum, on the gorgeous and historical avenue Unter den Linden, is the most impressive authority on the history of the German nation. You’ll find an incredible collection of art and artefacts from throughout history but the most resonant for most visitors is the section devoted to the 20th century. The permanent collection is huge, and there are also regular exhibitions.

Another great option is our Cold War Group Walking Tour, which will teach you all about the experience of Cold War Berlin.

Cold War Group Walking Tour

Day 5

Discover a very different German city - Dresden. Regular train connections between Berlin and Dresden mean you can choose your departure time. Your hotel reception will be able to arrange a taxi for you to Berlin's Hauptbahnhof station, much more economically than a transfer service, so we haven’t included that in your package but can do should you wish. Once on the train all you need to do is unwind and watch the German countryside speeding by. Your package includes second class tickets with seat reservations, upgrades to first are available but are much more expensive.
Included : Berlin - Dresden Train Tickets 2nd Class

A little about Berlin

A vibrant cosmopolitan city that’s rich in history and contemporary culture, Berlin is a place that is constantly evolving. From the ruins of World War II to the Cold War division of the Berlin wall, Berlin has always emerged intact. The largest city in Germany and the capital of the country, this is a sprawling city that luckily has a very comprehensive system of public transportation, both above and below ground. You’ll find a little of everything here, from history to high gastronomy, art museums to palaces, and plenty lively bars. The nightlife here is world-class, but there’s more than enough to see during the day. Berlin is made up of distinctive neighborhoods, and each of them has a different character. We recommend several ways of exploring the city, from a Cold War walking tour to a bike tour to see all the must-see sights in a simple and easy way. An exploration of the long and volatile history of Jewish culture in the city is eye-opening as Jewish life in Berlin has been meticulously documented. Many of the city’s art and culture museums offer unforgettable glimpses into history. Potsdam offers the perfect diversion for an afternoon, and Sanssouci Palace, with its well-tended gardens, is a beautiful reminder of the city’s impressive past. The past comes alive in Berlin, but the present is very much alive as well.

2 Nights in Dresden

Day 1

When you arrive at Dresden Hauptbahnhof you will easily find the station’s taxi rank signposted. We haven’t included a transfer here because in our experience meet & greet transfer services in Dresden are very overpriced, unreliable and the driver can be hard to locate in the station. Dresden's taxis are honest, reasonably priced and you’ll have no problem finding one at the station’s taxi rank, so you’ll save both time and money by taking one to your centrally located accommodation.

Get to Know Dresden on a Walking Tour
Today you'll be setting out on a private walking tour of Dresden. Your guide will meet you at your accommodation at the agreed upon time. Wear comfortable shoes and don't forget your camera!

Dresden Private Walking Tour

Included in your
vacation package
Included : Dresden Private Walking Tour

Day 2

Suggestion to explore on your own: A Day Trip to Meissen
Meissen is a quaint German city that is one of our favorite destinations for a day trip outside Dresden. Here you can explore a 15th century castle and cathedral, and also admire the lovely architecture and cobblestone streets. The city is world-famous for its porcelain, so a visit to the factory shop should definitely be on the agenda. Domkeller and Frauenkirche are Meissen's two famous cathedrals, and each is beautiful. You'll love settling into the slow pace of life here. For more information about Meissen, please read our blog post.

Day 3

You're headed south to the capital of the Czech Republic, magical Prague. Your hotel reception will be able to arrange a taxi for you, much more economically than a transfer service, so we haven’t included that in your package but can do should you wish. From there you will take a train to Prague. Your package includes 2nd class tickets with seat reservations. 1st class tickets can be arranged for an additional fee.
Included : Dresden - Prague Train Tickets

A little about Dresden

Dresden has had one of the most volatile histories of any city in Europe, being almost totally reduced to rubble in World War II. The city today is a unique combination of remembered and honored history and a vibrant, entertaining present. There are several historical buildings throughout the city that attest to the destruction here, but Dresden has rejuvenated itself since World War II, and today is one of Germany’s most tourist-friendly cities, with an enchanting energy and entertainment all year round. Famous for its Christmas markets, Dresden also has plenty to offer in the warmer months, from museums and memorials, to intriguing new architecture, pleasant parks, and nearby destinations for day trips. History comes alive everywhere you look in Dresden, and we highly recommend taking a closer look at the city’s museums and the traces of the past in the architecture. The city also has a rich cultural program, with numerous galleries and concert taking place quite regularly. You can certainly sample hearty German cuisine here, as well as more modern Continental flavors. You’ll love exploring this lovely city and the surrounding region.

3 Nights in Prague

Day 1

When you arrive at Prague's train station, we will have a driver there to meet you and take you to your accommodation.

Included : Prague Train Station Transfer

Day 2

Get to Know Prague on a City Walking Tour
Prague's main historic sights are situated on the so-called Royal Route between the Old Town and Prague Castle, crossing the river on the Charles Bridge. You could take a private walking tour which follows this route, putting you in touch with all the history and romanticism of this wonderful city. Since the tour ends in the courtyard of Prague Castle, we would suggest continuing the day by following one of the tour routes in the castle.

Prague Private Walking Tour

Included in your
vacation package
Optional: Experience the Life Monastic
One of the most breathtaking interiors in the city is to be found at the Strahov Monastery. The halls of the library here have featured in several Hollywood films. After feasting your eyes you'll have the chance to feast on some Czech classics and brewed on-site beer at the monastery brewery.

Strahov Library and Brewery Private Tour

Included : Prague Private Walking Tour

Day 3

Optional: Explore Bohemia on a Day Trip from Prague
Take a break from the city and get out into the Bohemian countryside. 2 hours to the north is the ornate spa town of Karlovy Vary, or Carlsbad to its neighbors. With elegant colonnades, luxury and medicinal spas, a local herbal liquor distillery and a crystal factory, there's plenty to fill your day here! If you'd prefer a shorter journey and a more traditional Bohemian town then we'd recommend UNESCO-listed Kutna Hora - you can read about a trip there by a blogging couple we hosted. It's best-known for its "bone church," the Sedlec Ossuary, but is actually listed for its beautiful historic Old Town, St. Barbara's cathedral and the Italian court. You could also go for a private wine tasting in a chateau, or take a guided trip to the imposing Karlstejn Castle.

Karlovy Vary Private Day Trip

Kutna Hora Private Day Trip

Private Wine Tasting in Melnik Chateau

Karlstejn Castle Private Day Trip

Day 4

A driver will pick you up at your accommodation based on your flight time and transfer you to Prague airport for your departure.
Included : Prague Airport Transfer

A little about Prague

“The Golden City,” “The City of 100 Spires,” “The Mother of Cities”... Prague has no shortage of nicknames, and they all pay homage to the city’s charm and beauty. Prague’s winding cobblestone streets, its gorgeous architecture and its atmospheric bridges are fabled, and with good reason: this is a city like no other. From exploring the history and modern culture on foot, to traveling farther afield to take in the picturesque countryside and fairytale villages, you’ll have an itinerary full of adventure and relaxation. This is a very walkable city surrounded by easy-to-reach destinations in the surrounding regions. Besides the city’s history, which is evident on every street, including the beautifully preserved former Jewish Quarter, a rich program awaits. There will be plenty of time to sample the famous Bohemian beer, as we can offer several delightful gastronomic experiences, including a romantic dinner cruise on the Vltava river, and a relaxing afternoon at an actual beer spa! Day-trip destinations include scenic castles, the perfect spa town, and the Renaissance village of Cesky Krumlov. Prague is a city of history that comes to life for every visitor. No matter what your interests, you’ll find yourself intrigued by the inviting magic of the Czech capital in the heart of Europe.

Reviews from past guests

Overall rating:
(4.9/5 based on 11 reviews)

Reviews from guests who have traveled with us to at least half the destinations in this itinerary

If you don't have the time to figure out all the logistics for a trip, JayWay Travel is great in doing all the heavy lifting for that. I just had to tell them my travel dates, cities of interest, general points of interest, and they ran with it.

- Traveled to Berlin, Krakow and Prague in November 2018 - rating:

JayWay Travel is a first class experience! We were taken care of throughout the entire process  (planning phase and the travel phase). A kind of boutique concierge service. I love the effort & detail JayWay Travel puts into their guest page, it's filled with so much valuable information

- Traveled to Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest in November 2018 - rating:

We have not regretted for a moment, we entered the Jay Way world.  Within minutes they had sent us an itinerary for our proposed trip and later gave us several selections for accommodations at various levels of comfort.  We saved ourselves hours of self inflicted searching, pondering, reserving and unnecessary risk. We were comforted greatly at the transition points, i.e., being met as we arrived at each location, having a city tour to orient us to each city, and then transport to either the train station or by shuttle to our next destination. We recommend Jay Way Travel without any reservation. The time, energy, and effort they saved us was worth every dollar of their fee, which by any accounts was very reasonable.

- Traveled to Dubrovnik, Split, Sarajevo, Plitvice, Rovinj, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Salzburg, Cesky Krumlov, Prague, Berlin in September 2018 - rating:

From start to finish, it was wonderful! The services were invaluable and I truly will be recommending JayWay Travel anywhere I can. I could not have asked for more!

Using your services saved me so much time and stress in the planning process. All coordination was flawless and the service provided exceeded my expectations - It made the trip and allowed me to do focus on having fun and soaking it all in!

- Traveled to Rome, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Prague in September 2018 - rating:

Excellent. If you want to design a tour for your personal interests it is the only way to ,go. Don't bypass the Baltic States! JayWay will make sure you have the best experience. If you want to see the best of Croatia or any of the former Yugoslavia, don't hesitate to contact JayWay. It's personalised to your interests and you will not get better service on the ground.

- Traveled to Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar, Split, Trogir, Rovinj, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Munich, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich in June 2018 - rating:

"A genuinely restful travel adventure offering flexibility and freedom without worrying about the nitty gritty details which can be stressful."

- Traveled to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Krakow and Budapest in June 2018 - rating:

"JayWay staff provided us with everything we needed and more. We loved being able to be in contact with them and we appreciated hearing from each throughout our trip, making sure all was well. Knowing we had these contacts was reassuring. Your activities were amazing! All JayWay staff worked wonderfully well with my wheelchair needs to ensure that I saw all that I could and taking Molly to do some things I couldn't. Your selection of choices was excellent, and we truly loved everything we did. JayWay provided an amazing experience, covering all aspects with expertise, to make an outstanding trip and taking care of us so well the whole way through. Thank you!"

- Traveled to Berlin, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Krakow, Budapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Plitvice, Split, Dubrovnik in May 2018 - rating:

As usual, JayWay Travel smoothed out all the rough edges of travel and made our trip so memorable.  You made us feel like the Hapsburgs!!

JayWay Travel makes travel easy and takes away all the things that give you heartburn, like where to turn in the rental car, how to buy tickets for the train and transfers.  We love being just a phone call away from solving any problem we might have!

- Traveled to Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Eger, Krakow in May 2018 - rating:

Our trip involved 33 days total. Jayway arranged for all but our flights. Every aspect of our trip was well taken care of and wonderful. The guides, excursions and transfers were well arranged without exception. Every question before the trip was answered promptly and thoroughly. During the trip when a few issues arose, our contact Darja, was readily available and helpful. We had a wonderful time.

- Traveled to Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Munich, Berlin, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow in September 2015 - rating:

"You exceeded our expectations on all fronts with professional, friendly and courteous service and the phone is a very good idea, nice to have that lifeline when needed. Great apartments everywhere we stayed. I loved having the freedom to move around but always having the transportation planned, the transfers saved so much time. Great from start to finish."

- Traveled to Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Krakow in September 2013 - rating:

"JayWay took the worry out of our travel. The pre-trip arrangements were superb and all the guides and drivers were most friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. We loved the walking tours. The hotels were perfectly situated for access to the city centres. The additional excursions recommended were also great!"

- Traveled to Prague, Berlin in September 2013 - rating:

What's Included

The services included in this package are as follows:

  • 4 Nights Accommodation in Berlin
  • Berlin Airport Transfer
  • Berlin Group City Tour
  • Berlin - Dresden Train Tickets 2nd Class
  • 2 Nights Accommodation in Dresden
  • Dresden Private Walking Tour
  • Dresden - Prague Train Tickets
  • 3 Nights Accommodation in Prague
  • Prague Train Station Transfer
  • Prague Private Walking Tour
  • Prague Airport Transfer
  • Pre-trip assistance of the JayWay Destination Manager
  • On-trip assistance from local JayWay Representatives
  • A pre-paid local cell phone for all destinations
  • Excursion booking advice and assistance
  • Access to your personalized Guest Page, with detailed destination information and tips on the best these cities can offer

- Flights to and from Europe.
- Tips for Tour Guides, Drivers and Local Reps.
Meals (other than breakfast if included in room rate and meals listed as included in food tours and excursions (unless explicitly stated otherwise)).
- Parking fees unless otherwise indicated.

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