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Operations Executive
Antonia was alway responsive and available. Follow through was terrific. All our contacts, especially Antonia, were top notch.
Karen, Pennsylvania
Antonia was one of Marija's classmates at the American College of Management & Technology in Dubrovnik, where they became great friends. During her studies, Antonia gained extensive working experience in the hospitality industry, including a paid internship with us at the end of the 2012 season. Since then she has become an essential part of our team in Croatia, and after meeting and assisting the hundreds of JayWay guests each season, she is now Team Leader for the Adriatic Local Team.

What is your idea of a perfect vacation?

Taking a road trip with a couple of my friends or my family across some foreign country. I like summer destinations with rich gastronomy. I think the whole point of going on vacation is to relax and to have some quality time with the people you are traveling with; so my perfect vacation would be driving along the coast of some beautiful summer destination and enjoying some good food along the way. A road trip usually gives a certain flexibility when traveling, which I really like.

When you travel are you more interested in history, relaxation, cuisine, or adventure?

It really depends where I am traveling. In general I like to combine them all, because I like learning about new places, exploring new cuisines and experiencing adventurous things. It’s very important to find a good balance, because coming back from a vacation feeling tired is definitely something you want to avoid.

What were your reasons for choosing to work in travel? And what value do you see in it?

I like working with people, and traveling was always my big passion, so for me working in travel makes sense. There is a certain excitement I feel when planning a trip no matter whether it’s for me or somebody else. The most beautiful thing is seeing that people enjoyed their trip and knowing I was a small part of creating that beautiful experience. This makes me feel really satisfied, and that’s a feeling I’ll never get tired of.
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