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Sales Training Specialist
Kinga was a real gem. Kinga was very friendly and responsive and immediately attended to any little glitch. Her warm demeanor made us feel that she personally cared about us and the quality of our experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Rosemary, Colorado
Kinga was born in Romania to Hungarian parents, and her command of both languages is just one reason we hired her. The fact that she's friendly and efficient, with extensive customer service experience alongside a love of travel, and is a licensed Budapest tour guide, are among the others. Kinga is based in Budapest and is responsible for planning trips throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

What is your idea of a perfect vacation?

A perfect vacation is one where I don't need to answer my phone or check my emails, and I don't need to rush in any way. I like to plan my vacation on my own, but I always take the advice of locals or people who know the places I'm going to. It can really make a huge difference to know from a reliable source where to go and what to eat. Locals can open doors that normally are closed to tourists.

How do you manage with pre-trip stress/anxiety and/or unexpected situations during your travels?

Usually I don't have too much time to prepare for my own travels, so I don't have time to stress on that actually. Once I'm there I try to get the best out of each situation, but I always have travel insurance, a working phone with internet (usually I buy a local SIM card) and someone to contact in case of emergency.

What were your reasons for choosing to work in travel? And what value do you see in it?

I chose to work in travel to share my passion for traveling with others, and to try showing people how great it is and how much people can benefit from it. Most of my best memories are related to travel and all my travels have had a positive impact on my personality. Once you've been to a foreign country you understand more of the world. While working in travel I have had the chance to show people the best of my own country, to introduce them to our culture and things we are proud of, so when they leave they have great memories of the country and the people they hadn't known much about before they landed. I hope I can inspire more people to travel!
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