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Raquel Murai
Travel Advisor
Raquel's international background means it was almost a foregone conclusion that she would work in travel someday, Raquel is Brazilian, with Japanese and Italian heritage. A student exchange that took her to Lincoln, Nebraska, was her first experience traveling internationally and she hasn't looked back. After completing her studies in marketing and publicity at college she took some time out volunteering in South East Asia, where she says she had some of the best days of her life so far, living in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand. Immediately after that Raquel spent three months traveling through Europe. This lead to some time living in the Czech Republic and Italy, working in customer care. In her own words "I've been to many places but there are still many others to discover!". Raquel's love of travel, and customer care experience in executive aviation and and hospitality give her a great appreciation for the needs of JayWay's guests when planning their trips to Europe.

Why do you think it's important to travel?
Travel teaches us to appreciate the present moment, and to respect and learn from different peoples and cultures.

What do you consider to be your best finds from your travels and where was it?
The photos I take, because it's like I'm freezing time. And I also try to get myself a little bracelet made by locals that you usually find in local markets or shops in each country I visit.

What destination is at the top of your must-visit list?
The Cyclades Islands in Greece

What's something you always bring with you when you travel?
I always take my japamala - a string of beads commonly used for mantras - that I was gifted in China, for good luck.

When you travel are you more interested in history, relaxation, cuisine, or adventure?
I'm super curious about how the local people live, where are the best local restaurants, to try a typical dish. I'm also very interested in the religious history of where I'm visiting.
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