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The "Polish Manchester" shines once again.
Once obscure, the industrial revolution brought fame and workers to Lodz (pronounced "Woodge") from around Europe, including many Germans and Jews. Once known as the "Polish Manchester," this 19th century boomtown period is still reflected in the city's vast repurposed textile mills, grand mansions, and renovated workers' tenements. The Nazi occupation was especially rough, as Lodz became home to occupied Europe's second largest Jewish ghetto, but ask Poles about the city today, and they'll tell you about its illustrious cinematic history. The city's National Film School has trained world-famous auteurs, including Andrzej Wajda, and the city's 19th century period has served as the setting for celebrated books and films. Today, the city is booming again, as an IT powerhouse, funding impressive new museums and the refurbishment of the city's stunning facades, which really put the "woah" in Lodz.
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Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Lodz

How do you pronounce Lodz?
Lodz, or in its full accented glory, Łódź, is pronounced "Woodge".
How many days should I spend in Lodz?
Lodz, like the whole of Poland is constantly being discovered by travelers, and definitely has a number of interesting things and places to see. It seems to be mostly known as a historical industrial hub of the country, but there is so much more. From its rich history, to interesting architecture, to the various noteworthy museums, and more, it's certainly advisable to spend at least two days in Lodz, if not more.
How do I get around Lodz?
Lodz is the third-largest city in Poland and has a well developed network of bus and tram routes. This type of public transportation is the cheapest, fastest, and most efficient way of moving from one location to another. At the same time, it should be pointed out that this city is also walkable, and within the central area, it's possible to enjoy a pleasant stroll while sightseeing.
Where's best, easiest and safest to get some local currency in Lodz?
There are more than 550 ATMs in Lodz. Some of them are available 24/7. ATMs located in the shopping malls are available in the operating hours of those facilities. You find a lot of ATMs along the city's main "Piotrkowska Street".
What are the opening hours of shops, museums and galleries in Lodz?
Big shops and malls are usually open from 8 - 10 am and close around 9 pm from Mondays to Saturdays. Some supermarkets open their doors at 7 am. Many places have shorter opening hours on Saturdays. Shops are generally closed on Sundays besides smaller food stores, alike 7-Eleven. Popular shopping centre, Manufaktura opens Mon - Sat, 10:00 am. - 10:00 pm. Museums and galleries are generally open Tuesday to Sunday from around 10 am to 5 pm. Majority of museums and galleries are closed on Mondays.
Is Lodz safe?
Lodz, like the rest of the Polish cities is generally safe. It's just important to keep all the costly belongings out of plain sight, to eliminate risk of a potential pickpocketing. In terms of the districts, central, more touristy part of the city is also the safest one.
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