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Tailor-made Family Heritage Trips

With our map covering a large expanse of Europe, particularly areas that saw a lot of emigration to the US, we are no strangers to arranging family heritage trips. Whether that involves setting up transfers to and arranging accommodation in or close to ancestral villages that you have already identified, or putting you in touch with a local genealogist who can help uncover some of your family history, our expert trip planners can make your journey to discover your roots smooth sailing.

Jewish Heritage

The Jewish communities of Central and Eastern Europe, were the source of a large exodus to the States. With the help of guides who are experts in the Jewish history and their contacts in local Jewish communities we can help you forge new connections with your family's old neighborhoods in places like Budapest, Vilnius and Krakow.

A network of expert genealogists

Over the years we've been operating in the Central and Eastern Europe region we have developed an extensive network of contacts with expert genealogists. While our own dedicated staff on the ground in Europe can help you with the basics of visiting an ancestral village or a spot of translation, if you have questions that can only be answered by trawling archives and making lots of calls, you need an experienced genealogist.  We've worked with many over the years and you can be certain that you're in good hands. Many genealogists will also provide interpreting services and accompany you on a day trip to visit towns, villages and graveyards, ensuring that you're able to communicate clearly with everyone you meet. How moving would it be to meet up with some long-lost living relatives and share stories? Our genealogist partners are on hand to make that happen.

Just starting out?

If you're just starting out in the process of looking into your family history and aren't considering a trip yet then the best approach is to start working with a genealogist. We can put you in touch with the right person to look after your case. When you know where you want to visit and when then we can put a trip plan together that will include some time dedicated to visiting significant places.

Know where you want to go?

If you're already a ways along in the process and know where you want to go but need help making those last connections and breaking the ice (and translating) when you visit places of family interest then we can put a trip plan together for you straight away and during the planning process we'll connect you to a genealogist who can take care of all the finer details for you.

Family Heritage Trips Guest Feedback

"Best traveling experience ever. Everyone was very helpful, we did not feel like tourists at all, never would have experienced everything we did without JayWay Travel. How wonderful it was that you helped me find my grandmother's village where she was born, and also finding a cousin of mine, and translated our conversation. It was a highlight seeing a relative of my grandfather, this man had pictures of my father as a young child in Czechoslovakia. Who knew that I would meet the grandson of my Grandfather's brother. This was priceless, and a cherished memory."

Bob & Marie
New York, NY

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