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France & Germany Tour Packages for 2024 & 2025

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Few countries have influenced European and global culture as profoundly as France and Germany. Our tour packages combine these two influential destinations to take you on a journey through European cultural heritage, featuring world-class cuisine, gorgeous medieval towns, artistic and architectural wonders, and breathtaking landscapes.

Popular Itineraries for France & Germany Tours

Every France and Germany itinerary we create is distinct and tailored to your specific travel dates, accommodation preferences, and desired activities. With that in mind, here you’ll find a selection of itineraries that showcase the best of these two countries, each based on different themes to align with your travel plans. Our suggested itineraries offer inspiration for your private Germany and France tour. For each itinerary, you can get an approximate cost using our Price Guide function. Beyond the capital cities, we also explore numerous other destinations in both countries.

Our expert trip planners will collaborate with you to design the ideal itinerary for France and Germany, including any additional destinations in neighboring countries you wish to visit during your journey.

* Starting price is based on double occupancy in 3 star accommodation, in the most affordable month an itinerary is offered. Airfare to Europe is not included.

Click on your choice of itinerary, select number of travelers in your party, month of travel, and desired star level of accommodation to get an approximate price. Submit the enquiry form with any additional details and we can start planning your customized trip.

France & Germany Tour Reviews

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Our France & Germany tour packages provide a hassle-free way to see both these captivating countries. We take care of all the details. All you have to worry about is enjoying the one-of-a-kind experiences that will make this the vacation of a lifetime. Below you’ll find some recent testimonials from guests who have visited France & Germany with our help recently.

France & Germany: A Complementary Pair

Once historic rivals, France and Germany now unite as Europe’s heart, offering travelers a unique blend of culture, exquisite cuisine, art, and architectural masterpieces.

Just want to hit the highlights?

If you’re looking to explore the main attractions and must-see sights, start your journey in Paris, the celebrated City of Light. Admire the iconic Eiffel Tower, stroll along the Champs-Élysées, the luminous avenue crowned by the emblematic Arc de Triomphe, spend magical moments along the River Seine with views of the Notre Dame Cathedral, and delve into art at the Louvre Museum and the Musee d’Orsay. After kissing Paris goodbye, venture to the quaint region of Alsace and Strasbourg, with its unique blend of French and German cultures and spectacular vistas of the Rhine River. From there, make your way into the heart of Germany with a visit to Berlin, the vibrant German capital where history meets modernity. Explore the remnants of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, and the rich collections of the Museum Island, and stand in awe before the Berlin TV Tower. Your next stop is Munich, famous for its beautiful architecture, cheerful beer gardens, and the historic Marienplatz.

Or dig deeper?

But that’s just the beginning of the story. Our knowledge of both France and Germany doesn’t end with some of the biggest and most famous cities, as there are several small picture-postcard towns to explore, too. In France, Provence, with its rolling lavender fields, sun-drenched vineyards, and picturesque villages, epitomizes the quintessential beauty of the French countryside. Set along the zigzagging Loire River, the Loire Valley, with its stunning castles and charming vineyards, offers a glimpse into France’s royal past. In Germany, the lively cultural hub of Hamburg is a must-visit with rich history and modern attractions. Often regarded as Germany’s best-connected city and primarily known as a business hub, Frankfurt should not be overlooked by travelers either. Its meticulously rebuilt Old Town is a hidden gem worth exploring in its own right. The romantic roads of Bavaria lead you through castles – like the Neuschwanstein Castle – and beautiful scenery that seem to have sprung out of fairy tales. The Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, famous for its dense forests and traditional cuckoo clocks, offers a different, more tranquil side of Germany. Check out all the destinations we offer in Germany and France to see the endless options you have for bespoke vacation packages. 

You’re in the best hands

Whether it’s your first time on a Europe tour or your fifth, our expert France and Germany travel advisors and trip planners will work with you to create your dream vacation itinerary, ensuring you’ll have a great time. You’ll stay at the very best hotels, apartments, and even farm stays if you are looking for a more authentic experience. You choose how you want to spend your days, either enjoying day trips, city tours, and river cruises with our trusted partners, having enough free time to wander on your own, or sprinkling your trip with unique activities, such as the occasional wine tasting, local cuisine feast or themed small group walking tour. Our expert teams will also advise you on the best time to visit France and Germany or even share their favorite places. Before you arrive and during your trip, our on-the-ground staff in both France and Germany are on hand by phone or email for any help you need. With staff in both countries, we’re perfectly placed to create the most memorable trip in Western Europe you’ve ever experienced.

Why Travel with JayWay?

You only travel somewhere for the first time once. By taking a custom tailored trip you get a seamless trip, to your choice of destinations and at your own pace, planned by professionals and supported by locals on the ground in Europe.

Save Precious Time

Planning an amazing trip takes time. Our friendly travel advisors and experienced trip planners will listen to your needs and craft your personal dream itinerary. We will maximize your vacation time and enjoyment – we know the best way to get around and how to spend your hard-earned time off.

Have Peace of Mind

You’re in safe hands from the very beginning. Even before you arrive your dedicated tour manager in Europe will be in touch to help you prepare. When you arrive they’ll meet you and be available by phone, email and IM for the rest of your journey with us, for anything you need.

Make Memories Forever

Travel can create memories that last a lifetime. You’ll return home with indelible recollections of beautiful sunsets, magical vistas, fascinating stories, and meals so delicious you’ll want to fly back every time you think of them. This is why we do what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel to France & Germany

What is the best way to travel to France and Germany?

Most of our guests travel to France and Germany from the US by air, unless they are already traveling in a neighboring European country.

Where should I start my tour of France and Germany?

Starting in Paris or Berlin makes sense, depending on your route. Buying an open-jaw ticket is usually only a little more than a standard return, and we’ll include any intra-European flights in your package. Our travel advisors will help you pick the best flights for your itinerary.

What are some must-see places in France and Germany?

It very much depends on your priorities. If you want to visit the most famous places in Germany, Berlin and Munich might be top of your list. If you’ve been to France before but not to Germany, we can arrange a trip combining lesser-known French destinations such as Bayeux, Amboise, or Carcassone with Germany’s most popular destinations such as Berlin, Munich, Dresden, and Hamburg. We can build an itinerary around anything on your must-see list.

Can I customize my France and Germany tour?

Absolutely. That’s the whole point of working with a custom tour operator like us. We’ll work with you to tailor the perfect trip for you, so you can be sure you have enough time to see what you want without worrying about any of the details, like how to get to the train station or make reservations at a local restaurant. We take care of all of that!

What do your France and Germany tour packages include?

Our tour packages are designed to make touring France and Germany effortless. From working with our travel advisors and expert trip planners to craft your ideal itinerary to the moment you get on the plane to return home, we will take care of everything. Your custom tour package will include accommodation, airport transfers, any kind of transportation between destinations, walking tours, day trips, and, most importantly, the support of our local staff in Europe. They’ll be in touch with you before your trip to finalize any details. Upon request, we can provide you with a local e-SIM so you can be in touch by phone, email, or instant message. It’s like having a tour director but still traveling independently.

How much does a private tour of France and Germany cost?

Our France and Germany packages start from around $350 per person per day. The largest element is often accommodation, but private full-day tours can increase the cost, too. All our sample itineraries have a price guide function to give you an idea of the cost for different levels of accommodation, month of travel, and number of travelers.

Do your tours of Germany and France have set departure dates?

No. As our tours are completely tailor-made to your needs and preferences, you choose the dates and destinations you want to visit.

When is the best time of year to visit France and Germany?

The best time of year for your trip will depend on what you want to do. Both countries can be great places to travel year-round. Keep in mind that locals tend to leave the cities in peak summer, heading for the coast or mountains. If you want to swim, you should travel between mid-June and the end of September. If you are more interested in sightseeing and avoiding the hottest time of year, mid-July and August could be too warm for you. High season on the islands and in coastal destinations like the Cote d’Azur in France, is the opposite in the cities. Therefore, while the summer months of July and August are the most expensive times of year to travel to summer hotspots, the cities, provided the heat doesn’t bother you, can be a good deal.

Can I self-drive on the France and Germany trip?

We can arrange rental cars for all or part of the trip, but bear in mind that dropping off a rental in another country incurs high one-way fees, and taking a car on a ferry adds significantly to the cost. Your JayWay trip planner can arrange separate rentals where needed so you can avoid unnecessary expenses and have the freedom to get around by car when you need to. In France or Germany, in the countryside a car is useful. Should your trip be mostly city-based, though, trains and private transfers will be a lot more convenient.

What are some popular excursions and day trips on your France and Germany tours?

Among all the guided tours we offer in France and Germany, many of our most popular are culinary-based, whether food tours or cooking classes. Yet, it’s impossible to overlook the importance of seeing the main sites like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the Grand Palace of Versailles in Paris or the many WW2-related monuments in Berlin. Visiting these sites on a private or small-group tour with a knowledgeable tour guide can render your experience all the more rewarding.

Can I take a free day or two with no tours?

Absolutely. Your Germany and France itinerary will be customized to your wishes. You don’t have to fill every day, and we encourage leaving some free time aside – even if it’s just a free afternoon – simply to appreciate the destinations you’re visiting. Getting lost in the narrow streets of the quaintest Parisian neighborhoods or breathing in recent history at every turn as you stroll through Berlin are among the best ways to get acquainted with these remarkable European cities.

Do you sell cruises that include Germany and France?

We don’t sell cruises in France and Germany. We believe you enjoy a far richer experience by spending as much time as possible on land, soaking up the culture, and enjoying the local cuisine while appreciating a more responsible type of travel. So many of the riches of both countries lay far from cruise ports that to try and visit on a cruise would short-change you on the delights you should be relishing.

How long do I need for a Germany and France trip?

This is mostly a question of how many places you want to see. Each time you move to another destination, you’ll spend half a day traveling. For this reason, we recommend three nights in most destinations. Adding fewer destinations to your itinerary means less time and money spent moving between them and more time soaking up the atmosphere and seeing the sights.

Can I take a train from Germany to France?

There are train connections between Germany and France. At the time of writing, the only direct train between the two countries connects Frankfurt to Paris, with a journey time of less than four hours. Of course, with train changes, you can get from several French cities to German ones or vice versa.

How can I get to France and Germany, and vice versa?

The quickest way to travel between France and Germany is by air. Flights between major tourist destinations in both countries are quick – maximum two hours – and relatively cheap thanks to several low-cost airlines providing service. To simplify your planning, we can include these intra-European flights in your vacation package.

Is the Euro used in both France and Germany?

Yes, thankfully, the Euro is the currency of both France and Germany, so any coins and banknotes you have left after the first country can be used in the second.

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