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Small town. Endless abbey.
The town of Melk is cute, but the reason to visit is the grand Melk Abbey, which literally overshadows everything else nearby. Sitting atop a ridge overlooking the Danube, the abbey was founded in 1089, and became a storied place of learning, although its current vast Baroque structure and elaborate frescoes date back to the 18th century. Melk Abbey is also home to one of the world's oldest schools. From the Abbey's heights, you can scope out vineyards to visit, and spot the nearby Schallaburg Castle, itself well worth a visit.
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Melk Benedictine Abbey Guided Group Tour
Melk Benedictine Abbey Guided Group Tour

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Melk

How many days should we spend in Melk?
As Melk is quite a small town, we usually suggest spending no more than 1 night there. However, if you are interested in the whole Wachau Valley region, Melk is probably the best town to stay in, as it has quite good restaurants and bars as well.
What's the best way to get around in Melk?
As Melk is rather a small town, you can easily reach everything on foot.
What's the opening hours of the Melk Abbey?
In the main season, the Abbey is open from 9am until 5:30pm with admission until 5pm.
Can we use our credit card in the restaurants, places, etc?
Unfortunately it is quite common in Austria that the restaurants and other different places accept only cash. Thus we suggest to exchange some Euros in advance or in any of the local exchanges or ATMs.
Do you recommend taking the cruise to visit some other sights along the river?
Definitely yes. The route of the river in the Wachau Valley is simply amazing and the landscape is beautiful.
Where can I get local cash?
If Melk is your first Euro-zone destination you will need local cash indeed. We recommend withdrawing money from a local ATM at a bank.
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