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Black Sea Coast

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Long beaches meet deep history
With more than one third of its coast lined with attractive, sandy beaches, while much of the rest features rocky headlands that dramatically meet the sea with towering cliffs, it's easy to see how the Bulgarian Coast attracted the nickname "Bulgarian Riviera." Once known as the Red Riviera, this region brings in tourists from all parts of Europe, seeking peaceful beaches, and some of the continent's oldest settlements. Visitors often combine a city with a smaller settlement.
Varna, Bulgaria's third largest city, works as a great base, with its combination of beaches, thermal baths, and day trip opportunities. The UNESCO-listed town of Nessebar charms with its well-preserved Old Town, and ancient ruins. Sozopol is a bit more off the beaten path, but as Nessebar's historic rival, has plenty of history to offer as well. Located between Sozopol and Nessebar lies Burgas, the country's fourth largest city, on a piece of land bordered by lakes and sea. With its mix of relaxing coastline and some of Europe's oldest historical sights, the Bulgarian Riviera has plenty to offer.

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