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A UNESCO-protected peninsula stuffed with 3,000 years of history and views.
With a history stretching back more than 3,000 years, Nessebar packs a lot into a small, laid-back place. The UNESCO-listed Old Town lies on a peninsula that was historically an island (with a wooden windmill marking the limits of the former island). Predating the ancient Greeks, Nessebar still sports portions of an acropolis, agora, and temple devoted to Apollo, from when this town was an ally of Athens. Nessebar's strategic desirability and wealth is testified to by its sizable churches and fortifications, even if many now lie in ruins. One of the most charming parts of this town are the winding cobblestone streets lined with graceful, restored wooden Bulgarian Revival homes.
Route for Nessebar tour
Once one of the world's biggest wine exporters, grapes are a central part of Bulgarian culture, as made clear by the vineyards visible everywhere, and the communal vines that can be seen running for blocks within villages. Many of the country's best wines are made along the coast, and we'll be happy to help you taste the creme de la creme. You can also take it easy and enjoy Nessebar's plentiful beaches.

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Nessebar's Old Town is probably the cutest and friendliest little town in Bulgaria, but is also UNESCO listed and has loads of history. I love the fact that the Old Town is on a small peninsula, so you’re almost surrounded by the sea. However, I think the restored 19th century Bulgarian revival houses are the most appealing part of Nessebar, and responsible for the charming setting. Almost all the houses have old wood and river stone facades, and they function as artisanal shops, cafes, restaurants with seaside views, guesthouses or souvenir shops.

Where to stay in Nessebar

We have selected only the best accommodation options in terms of quality and location to make your stay as comfortable as possible, with possibilities ranging from 3-star boutiques and B&Bs in the Old Town to a larger 4-star right between the Old Town and the beaches. Once we start preparing your customized itinerary we will present our recommended options for you to select from.
Modern Villa in Nessebar
Modern Villa
Modern villa in a traditional house.
Modern Seaside Villa in Nessebar
Modern Seaside Villa
Cozy villa by the sea.
Seaside Modern Hotel in Nessebar
Seaside Modern Hotel
Perfect option for everyone who prefers to be close to the Old Town and have all the amenities of a four-star hotel.

Things to do in Nessebar

The best way to get to know the last four millennia of Nessebar's history is with a private walking tour, although we can also provide a visit to an excellent nearby winery. When we send you your customized itinerary you will be able to choose additional excursions to include in your vacation package or consider for adding later.
Nessebar Private Wine Tasting Tour
Nessebar Private Wine Tasting Tour
Secrets of Nessebar Private Walking Tour
Secrets of Nessebar Private Walking Tour

Frequently Asked Questions about travel to Nessebar

How long should I stay in Nessebar?
We recommend one full day in Nessebar. In the morning, you can enjoy a walking tour of the Old Town, then take the afternoon to relax at Sunny Beach, the resort town immediately to the north.
When should I stay in Nessebar?
It's best to avoid staying in Nessebar in mid-summer, as it can be overcrowded and extremely difficult to find accommodations. If you do have to travel then, consider staying in nearby Burgas or Sozopol, and visiting Nessebar on a day trip.
How can I get to Sunny Beach?
If you’re staying in Nessebar's Old Town, the small harbor on the northern side of the peninsula offers ten-minute boat rides to the Sunny Beach Pier, surrounded by the neighboring town's popular beaches. These water taxis depart every 45 minutes, and a ride costs about $5 There are also regular buses that depart eery hour, but they take a bit longer.
What are Nessebar's must-see sights?
Nessebar has over 3,000 years of history, going from Greek colony to Byzantine town and ultimately to a jewel of the 19th century Bulgarian National Revival architectural movement. Aside from admiring the restored houses, you should visit the tow's churches, which date back various historical eras. Among the are the 11th century Church of St. Stephen, the 14th century Church of Christ Pantocrator ("Ruler of All" in Greek), and the 5th century ruins of St. Sofia's Church. Additionally, stop for a bit at the Archeological and Ethnographical museums.
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