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  | Croatia

An Adriatic paradise. Bol fascinates with blue water, beautiful beaches, wonderful nature and the virgin beauty of the island of Brac.


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Bol Sights

The oldest settlement in Croatia, Bol sits in perfect solitude on the southern coast of the Croatian island of Brac. This unique village is found at the foot of the Vidova Mountain. It's the highest point on any Adriatic island. The mountain, with its cliffs and lookout points, is perfect for hiking. But there are many other ways to stay active as you explore the region. You could go swimming, sailing, windsurfing, snorkelling, or cycling. There are several must-see beaches here, and perhaps the most impressive is Golden Horn beach (Zlatni rat in Croatian), just west of Bol. A thin strip of sand extending nearly half a kilometer into the sea, it's ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Above all, there's a feeling of peace and openness here. You can enjoy a relaxing, meditative stay among the beauties of nature, or keep as active as you like. Plus, anywhere you go on Brac is scenic.

Bol Tourism

Bol is a destination with a rich local heritage and the vibrant cultural life of the island of Brac. An ancient port and fishing town, its maritime past has inspired much of the interesting architecture and the marina. It also means that the fish here is excellent and as fresh as can be. If you like seafood you are really in luck, as there are several charming restaurants to discover. The center of Bol is atmospheric. It has quaint streets winding among cafes and little shops. The lapping of the waves is always audible. Numerous music festivals take place throughout the year. Bol has even played host to the World Windsurfing Championship. Just a few steps inland you'll encounter the scent of sage and rosemary, as the sun shines overhead and the slopes rise upward. The highlight of the island of Brac, Bol is a vacation paradise waiting to be discovered.

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Where to stay in Bol

When staying on Bol we can offer you a choice of hotel or apartment stays, according to your preference and budget. Once we start preparing your customized itinerary we will present our recommended options for you to select from.

Things to do in Bol

Bol's really all about the beach and enjoying your time on the sea. Exploring the interior of the island of Brac will lead to some fun adventures too. Our staff in the region will make recommendations based on your interests.

Zagreb City Host and Adriatic Destination Manager

What I love about Bol...

“You probably already heard about magnificent Zlatni Rat Beach at Bol, and trust me, it is all you imagine it to be. Clear sea, thin strip of sand, a pine wood ideal for lazing in the shade, bars and water sports all over. But, it is only a small portion of this place. If you manage to move from the beach (and I'll admit, it may be quite hard), you'll discover a charming town, a hill perfect for hiking and some breath taking views and hidden taverns for the most delicious meal. ”

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