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Experience Europe Like a Local

Take in one of the best views in Prague at Letna Beer Garden
Tuck into a Peka feast in a local’s home in Dubrovnik
When in Rome, do as the Romans do: Stray off the beaten path
Go off road and visit idyllic villages on Hvar, Croatia
Sample fishing village life on Lithuania's Curonian Spit
Go back to medieval times in Sighisoara, Transylvania

Travel isn't just about seeing the sights. One of the main reasons any of us take a trip is to broaden our horizons and learn how life is lived in other parts of the world. We don't do big bus tours, and wherever possible we work with locally owned hotels and accommodations. In many of our destinations, we are pleased to offer accommodation options outside but close to the main city center too so you can stay in a more real, local neighborhood if you prefer.

Insights & Experiences Big Group Tours Can't Offer

With our local staff all across our map from Tallinn to Tbilisi, we’ll give you insights and experiences the big group tours just can’t offer. Before and during your trip, you’ll meet and stay in contact with one of our team, who you’ll be able to call via a phone you’ll receive. You’ll also receive access to your Guest Page, packed with recommendations for everything from restaurant recommendations to tipping advice, from our local staff and partners. We’ll recommend places we’ve visited personally, giving you more than just what’s popular on online review sites. If something comes up, or you just want some individualized advice (such as for special dietary requirements), we’re there for you.

Experience the Local Life of the City

By touring with a private or small group guide, you’ll see not just the main sights but will get the insights you just can’t find from a guidebook or tour guide trying to shepherd a crowd with a microphone and flag. We can get you off the beaten path and beyond the center (especially on food tours), and give you an understanding of what it’s actually like to live in a city, today and in the past. Whatever your interests, our staff on the ground can make arrangements. If you’re always looking to add to your recipe repertoire, we can offer cooking classes, or if you’re fond of bouldering or jogging, we can find places indoors and out for you to keep in shape. Living like a local can mean doing what you do at home, just somewhere else. We’ll help you find your tribe.

Suggested Itineraries with a Local Theme

We've curated some itineraries that are perfect for those looking to dig a little deeper into a country and its culture. That might mean seeing a popular destination in a new light or heading to the lesser-known destinations in a country to get to know it better. These itineraries are ideal if you're making a return trip to the region and want to get to know it better.

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