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The center of an advanced, mysterious empire back before the Greeks even learned to read

Visitors to Heraklion, Crete's capital, are greeted by the imposing Venetian Koules Fortress, a reminder of the importance of this historic gateway to the rest of the island. A vibrant university town, Heraklion is home to some of the island's most important landmarks, such as the Knossos Palace, with its striking Bronze Age ruins, complete with colorful, stunning frescoes. Heading to the center, the bustling Old Town has many markets and cafes, along with neoclassical buildings and a 10th century church with impressed stained glass. Heraklion is a great base for exploring the island, but before you hit the road, take the time to stroll along its Venetian harbor, lined with traditional fishing boats and offering spectacular views of the Koules Fortress.

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Spend some time in Heraklion on a tour that takes in other cities in Greece and neighboring countries. Our vacation packages including Heraklion and other destinations throughout Greece and Europe hassle-free. We take care of getting you from place to place, accommodation, excursions and activities.

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Discover the flavors and sites of Heraklion, combined with a visit to the renowned Knossos Palace. Make the most of your time in the Cretan capital by joining a carefully curated tour where you will hear the tales of the legendary Minotaur and Theseus, who managed to slay the monster, and escape his labyrinth. A tale of love, betrayal and tragedy, this legend is a central part of Greek mythology, and the inspiration for countless works of art. Crete is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, as evidenced by its Minoan palaces. Explore ancient wine routes, sampling some of the best local vintages as you go.

Minoan Paths for Wine Enthusiasts Private Tour
Minoan Paths for Wine Enthusiasts Private Tour
Knossos Palace, Archaeological Museum and City Food Private Tour
Knossos Palace, Archaeological Museum and City Food Private Tour
Traditional Cooking Class Private Tour
Traditional Cooking Class Private Tour
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